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  • Suvanto, Maria (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    The purpose of this study was to describe factors that affect the enjoyment of physical education. It is known that children consider enjoyment being an important part of their physical activity. As an institution that reaches out to all children, school has a significant role to play in the physical activity of children and teenagers, which is why it is important to find out what kind of PE classes pupils enjoy. Earlier studies have shown that PE classes are influenced by, among other things, the content and motivational climate. This study explores and describes factors that, based on pupils' experiences, affect their enjoyment of PE classes. The research was carried out using qualitative methods. 28 pupils from the sixth grade attending the same school in the same class participated in the study. The only criteria for the target group selection was the pupils’ grade. The research material was collected using non-active role play and an open questionnaire. Thematic analysis was performed for the acquired material. On the basis of the results, many different factors contributed to whether or not the pupils experienced enjoyment. Factors contributing to the enjoyment were related to the presence, character and activities of the teacher, as well as pupils' activities, grouping and social relations between pupils. In addition, factors related to PE classes, including content, competition and group size, also affected the pupils’ enjoyment. Finally, under the 'miscellaneous' theme, there were factors that were not related to the issues mentioned above. When all aspects related to these themes were in order, they were seen as factors that make pupils enjoy PE. When aspects related to the same themes appeared the opposite pupils experienced lack of enjoyment. Factors that compromise enjoyment were similar to the top themes described for the factors of enjoyment, except for the "miscellaneous" theme. Finally, in addition to content, competition and group size, factors affecting enjoyment of the theme ”PE classes” included the facilities and experiences of failure. Competition, grouping and group size both contributed and compromised to enjoyment.