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  • Perttunen, Meiju (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    The objective of this study is to evaluate the usability of horse rugs on the basis of horse owners experiences. The aim of the study is to find out how rugs match the needs of the users and different purposes in varied environments. Background of the research is based on my own hobby and interest in development of pet products. Based on my own experience of horse rugs are useful for their purpose, but there are some flaws in their functionality. Researching usability and user experiences of horse rugs may produce some valuable knowledge that can be used in design and product development of new horse rugs. This study is qualitative and the empirical data for the research was collected from horse stables by observing the use of horse rugs and by interviewing the horse owners, based on their everyday practical experience using the horse rugs. The interviews were conducted as a semi-structured theme interviews and were filmed. The resulting data was analysed by using theory-directed content analysis. In addition to the data gathered for the study the analysis was also influenced by previous background theory of horses, rugs and usability. The interviewees had a lot of experience in using horse rugs in varied environments and weather conditions. Choosing a rug is based on the needs of the horse and the horse owner. Good usability of a horse rug consists of many different factors. Well designed horse rug is easy to put on and take off from a horse and also easy to maintain as needed. Correctly fitted horse rug stays on the horse, is durable enough and does not cause friction or restrict the horse’s movement. Good horse rug also endures long-term use and does not lose its functionality after multiple times of laundering. Evident parts for design improvements were in fastening solutions, ill-fitting designs and materials.