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  • Hämäläinen, Mika (2021)
    The term low-resourced has been tossed around in the field of natural language processing to a degree that almost any language that is not English can be called "low-resourced"; sometimes even just for the sake of making a mundane or mediocre paper appear more interesting and insightful. In a field where English is a synonym for language and low-resourced is a synonym for anything not English, calling endangered languages low-resourced is a bit of an overstatement. In this paper, I inspect the relation of the endangered with the low-resourced from my own experiences.
  • Rueter, Jack; Partanen, Niko (2019)
    The server in Finland provides text corpora of multiple varieties for numerous languages large and small. The Korp infrastructure is developed by the Swedish Språkbanken in the University and Gothenburg, and the source code is released under MIT license. Open nature of the systems makes it easily transferred into new environments, and there are already numerous Korp installations available. The one we discuss is maintained by the Language Bank of Finland.