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  • Salonen, Sofia (Helsingfors universitet, 2016)
    Constant increase of communication tools and possibilities has led to the place, where people need diversal reading and writing skills to act in the society. These divergent literacy skills have also been introduced in Finnish national core curriculum 2014 as a new term and goal called "multiliteracies". Multiliteracies highlights diverse literacy environments and skills to interpret and produce diverse texts through all schoolgrades. However, many studies have shown that the effect of the curriculum in the concrete teaching event is weak, even non-existent. Instead the textbooks would seem to direct teaching events stronger than curriculum. That is why publishers and schoolbook writers have a great responsibility as core curriculum interpreters and educational improvers. My focus in this study is to find out, how multiliteracy as dimension of board-based competence appears in abc-books made by new national curriculum. I observed this phenomenon through two focusing themes which were diverse text environment and interpretation and production of different texts. My research data consisted of two abc-books made by Finnish national core curriculum 2014. To improve reliability the abcbook authors participated in different stages of my study. At first they defined how the goal of multiliteracy is noticed in their abcbook and later they gave comments about the results. This study was a qualitative research and content analysis served as the analysis method of the data. The genremap used (Martin & Rose 2012) as a basis of analysis was created within the range of genrepedagogy. This map of genres in school devided texts in tree genrefamily, which were engaging genrefamily, informing genrefamily and evaluating genrefamily. These tree genrefamilies however, were further divided into more exact genres. This study indicates that the goal of multiliteracy has been systematically taken into consideration in the abc-books. All tree genrefamilies were represented. Nevertheless, the results showed that different genres were not examined equally. Engaging texts were emphasized and the role of evaluating text was minor. Informing texts had some representation. Tasks of the abc-books encouraged pupils to use and to produce different texts. Attention was paid to the versatile handling of different genres in tasks which aim especially at the production. The results of my study open points of view to how multiliteracy is contained in the abc-books at the moment.