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  • Leminen, Laura (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    According to earlier research, Finnish students and students with immigrant background have significant differences between their mathematic skills during comprehensive school. Previous research also shows that mathematic skills are linked with working memory skills. Children’s biological primary skills, cognitive development, social interaction, and common cultural factors affect their mathematic skill development. According to earlier studies, mother’s level of education, linguistic expression, assignment orientation are explanatory factors in the beginning of school. The purpose of this study was to examine if there is a difference between Finnish students’ and students with immigrant background in their mathematic skills at grade six. If there are differences is it possible to explain them with working memory skills? Another purpose was to examine other explanatory factors for these differences. Theoretical framework is based on working memory, mathematical skills and students with immigrant background. The data were collected by Centre for Educational Assessment in spring 2016. A total of 2014 sixth grade students from one municipality in the Helsinki metropolitan area participated in this assessment. In this study, two different mathematical tasks and working memory skills task were used. The differences between Finnish population and immigrant background population in mathematic performance were first analysed by one way ANOVA. Regression analysis was used to examine whether the differences could be explained by working memory skills and the level of mother’s education. According to this study, there are significant differences between Finnish students and students with immigrant background in mathematic skills and also working memory skills. The explanatory factors that influence students’ mathematic skills are their working memory capacity, mother’s education level and their native language. The results of this study are parallel with previous studies. According to this study, students with immigrant background need more support with their school work. By supporting immigrant families to integrate to Finnish society will improve student’s school success.