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  • Juntheikki, Jonne (Helsingfors universitet, 2015)
    Fundamental movement skills are an irreplaceable part of the Finnish curriculum for basic education school. Fundamental movement skills have even more prominent role in physical education when renewed core curriculum will be implemented in 2016. The new core curriculum emphasizes fundamental movement skills the main focus of the physical education is no longer in different sports but to emphasize fundamental movement skills. Fundamental movement skills are an essential part of students daily movement skills. Developing fundamental movement skills will also improve students thinking and studying competencies. There have been previously published several studies and theses about fundamental movement skills. Different theses have estimated relationship between physical activity and fundamental movement skills or the general importance of fundamental movement skills for the pupils. The main purpose of this thesis is to survey how teachers generally conceptualize fundamental movement skills. What are the conceptions about their own competencies and knowledge to teach and evaluate fundamental movement skills. The second purpose is to find out are there any differences between teachers conceptions. Furthermore, the last purpose of these thesis is to survey does teachers have enough education about fundamental movement skills and have they received any further education about these skills during the career. The methodology of this case study is qualitative research and the objective was to use a theme interview approach to formulate the results. The study consists of two interviews of physical education teachers and six interviews of class teachers who also are physical education teachers. The interviewed subjects were precisely selected by their educational background. The data was analyzed by phenomenographic analysis and content analysis. Some significant differences were found between teachers conceptions about fundamental movement skills. According to teachers, they have good competence and knowledge to teach fundamental movement skills. All though, some of teachers thought that teaching and evaluating fundamental movement skills are difficult and demanding. Five teachers out of eight remarked that they have not received enough education about teaching fundamental movement skills in a university. None of the teachers had not received further education about fundamental movement skills, but indicated willingness interest to participate in if it would be possible.
  • Huotari, Noora (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    Tiivistelmä - Referat – Abstract The aim of this study was to determine what views and experiences teachers involved in physical education in the Finnish comprehensive school system have regarding the changes in the National core curriculum (2014) within physical education. Furthermore, the aim was also to enhance the understanding of the connection between sports and improvement of fundamental movement skills. The research questions arose from my Bachelor´s thesis, in which I, by analyzing the content of physical education lessons, studied physical exercise and fundamental movement skills using the Gallahuen and Donnely (2003) classification system. The main theory used in this research is the National core curriculum (POPS 2014) and the review of POPS 2014 as a tool for analyzing the results of this study. At this point, not many studies have been conducted about POPS 2014. However, current results indicate that separating learning of fundamental movement skills and sports in POPS 2014 has caused some issues. This is a qualitative study. The research material is based on five interviews with teachers from the physical education field. Questions were based on subjects from my Bachelor´s thesis that needed further understanding. Phenomenographic analysis and theoretical content analysis were used to analyze the interviews. The research material was divided into two groups: Physical education teachers´ views on the core curriculum, and sports as a mean to enhance fundamental movement skills. The results indicate that all the teachers had a clear picture of the changes to the core curriculum in POPS 2014. All teachers were of the same opinion, that changes had occurred especially in the guidelines of teaching physical ability. Only one interviewee stated that the changes have had, to a certain degree, a negative outcome. Results from this study indicate that teachers are using a variety of sports to enhance fundamental movement skills of students. However, teachers’ knowledge about fundamental movement skills showed to be lacking more than expected.