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  • Jakobsson, Paula (Helsingfors universitet, 2015)
    Objectives. The aim of this study was to research the reasons of taking a tattoo with a textile craft motive. There are no previous studies available regarding textile craft tattoos. The aim of the survey, and especially the interviews, was to find cultural model narratives. Methods. This study was carried out in two stages: a survey and narrative interviews. The survey was distributed through Internet. The five interviewees for the narrative thematical interviews were found mainly through the survey. This study was a qualitative study, in which I wanted to focus on the individual's thoughts and experiences on textile crafts and tattoos. Results and conclusions. Crafts were an important part of the survey responders' and interviewees' lives, and something that defined them. The tattoo was a mark of that significance. Based on this study, textile crafts is a fairly new subject in tattoos, and there are not much studies made on this subject. Because of this, and the relatively small number of responders, one can not make any generalizations about textile craft -related tattoos based on this study. General tattoo literature, however, confirms that tattoos often have a special significance to the tattooed persons. However, it can be stated that based on this study, the existing literature on women's tattoos and the history of tattoos does not reflect the current reality in Finland.