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  • Marin, Hanni (Helsingfors universitet, 2012)
    The aim of the study was to describe persuasive performance and its impressions in Communications Agency Deskis 'Oma Puheenvuoro' concept's news videos. Persuasive performance was explored in a new context from the fields of television and internet media studies. The new concept was web television. The theories and studies were chosen to fit with the context and persuasiveness. The purpose was to find out how persuasive performance is in online videos and what kinds of impressions does persuasive performance create. Persuasive performance and its implications were evaluated based on six Communications Agency Deski's news videos. The evaluation was done by an evaluation panel that consisted of communications professionals. Two evaluation measurements were created for the study. The first measurement measured persuasive performance in the online videos by thirteen statements which were divided in to four performance skill areas. The other measurement weighted the impressions of the performance by seventeen statements. Both measurements had open commentary options with the purpose of deepening the study results. The evaluation panel evaluated the performances persuasive and the impressions of the performance positive. Argumentation and content skills were seen as more persuasive than speech structure and articulacy skills. Relevance, credibility and consistency were evaluated as persuasive impressions of performance where as compelling, pleasant or interesting impressions were not seen as persuasive. Based on the results a conclusion can be made that the persuasive performance in online television can be studied by comparing the level of persuasiveness compared to the impressions of performance. The results indicate that certain features in online television context influence the persuasiveness. The results of this study contribute to enhancing the persuasive performance in online television shows.