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  • Valla, Emmi (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    Objectives. In this study the aim is to examine teacher’s actions from selected perspective. The perspective for observation and examination is teacher as a creative role model –observational instrument. This instrument is created using previous research and studies and it is based on CLASS-observational instrument (Classroom Assessment Scoring System). The idea behind this study and teacher as a creative role model –observational instrument is that teacher’s actions have significant influence in student’s creativity and especially creative pedagogical environment. Teachers actions as a creative role model were divided into three different categories; 1. teacher’s presence and nonverbal communication, 2. teacher’s participation and demonstration during drama lessons and 3. teacher’s flexibility as in use of time and willingness to change the direction of the drama lesson due to student’s offers and ideas. Methods. The study is a qualitative case-study. The research material consists eight process-drama lessons. Lessons were filmed by Larissa Säntti and Riikka-Liisa Salomaa back in 2014. The material was observed and analyzed using teacher as a creative role model –observational instrument. The research material was analyzed together with my research partner Jere Ruohoranta to strengthen and support the validity of this research. Each phase of each lesson got a value for all three categories. These values were then added together and means for each lesson were calculated. Results and conclutions. All of the four teachers we observed got mediocre or high values from every lesson using this observational instrument. Although there were some variance between the values teachers got, the quality of the drama lessons and teacher’s actions were high. Especially teacher D’s actions and lesson structure included significant amount of students’ own perspective to be heard and also active presence and participation on the behalf of Teacher D. The overall quality of the drama lessons we observed is very high from the teacher as a creative role model -point of view. The Teacher as a creative role model –tool is fit for the purpose of observing and analyzing drama lessons.