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  • Kontiainen, Pertti (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    In my research, I studied pupils' views and perceptions of a good teacher. The new curriculum and challenges in today´s teaching challenge us to reflect on the characteristics and features of a good teacher. What are the factors that enable the best possible education for children and young people today into the future society? In the theoretical part of the thesis, I consider essential and important aspects of the good teacher. A strong and well-balanced adult and a strong parent is a vital part of supporting the growth and learning of a pupil. During the school days, genuine intercourse and good interaction create a solid foundation for learning. Joy and positive experiences as part of the learning process reinforce and support the meaningfulness and meaningfulness of learning. The research was carried out as a qualitative phenomenographic survey. Pupils were allowed to respond to the questionnaire on their separate paper. The study was attended by students of the sixth and the ninth grade. The answers were based on three main groups describing the qualities of a good teacher. These groups were the teacher's personality, didactic skills and social skills. From personality, the sense of humor and the fun came up with many respondents. Lecture was hoped for understanding, kindness and relaxation. Of Didactic Skills, 9th grade students appreciated the most discipline, ability to teach and help the pupil. grade students considered the most important didactic feature of helping, teaching and giving homework. Of the social skills most mentioned were good social skills and the ability to get along with everyone. It is not meaningless how we encourter the children during the schooldays and everyone in school should really pay attention to their interaction with children. Joy and positive experiments while learning make the learning processes more meaningful.