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  • Jussila, Maria (Helsingin yliopisto, )
    According to the current concept of leadership, it is at its best in the model of shared leader-ship with collaborative action. A characteristic key component of school leadership is peda-gogical leadership, which takes the form of a collaborative process similar to shared leader-ship. The concept of pedagogical leadership is not well established and has been defined from several perspectives including the hierarchical model of pedagogical leadership (Ser-giovanni 1984), expanding pedagogical leadership responsibilities (Fonsén 2013). Other re-searchers have searched for differences in the meanings of instructional and general peda-gogical leadership. The aim of this study is to find out what kind of perceptions class teach-ers have about pedagogical leadership and what kind of perception they have about the role of a teacher as a pedagogical leader. A phenomenographic research approach was used in this qualitative study. The material consisted of essays by ten class teachers, with a total length of 19 A4 pages. The essay re-quest was made to pre-selected teachers with more than 15 years of work experience and collected by email. The analysis was done by dividing the theoretical material into themes which consisted of descriptions of pedagogical leadership that appeared in the previous stud-ies. Teachers’ perceptions of pedagogical leadership collected from the essays according to the theme and made an analysis on the basis of these themes. Teachers' perceptions of pedagogical leadership followed themes emerging from the previ-ous studies. Teachers’ perception of pedagogical leadership was by nature more of a trust-based leadership than instructional leadership. Teachers’ perceptions of pedagogical leader-ship appeared to be complex and multilevel. Teachers' perceptions differed and emphasized different issues. The concept of pedagogical leadership appears to teachers in a different sense.