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  • Averin, Inka (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    The aim of this study was to explore dimensions of worker-citizenship in apprenticeship training. Also, the aim was to study which kind of positions there are for young apprenticeship students within apprenticeship training through the perspectives of apprenticeship experts. Basis for this study is post-structuralist research and I approach apprenticeship training as a discursive practice. Previous research has shown that there is a strong worker-citizenship ethos which connects to neoliberalism in vocational education. Worker-citizenship in apprenticeship training has not been studied before in Finland. Overall, there has been little research about apprenticeship training in Finland and especially critical studies are missing. The data was collected via six individual interviews that were conducted in spring 2020. The interviewees were six apprenticeship experts, and the data was analyzed using discursive reading method. The results of my study give some insight to apprenticeship training practices and the youths` position in apprenticeship. Based on my analysis worker-citizenship discourse is upheld within apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship experts argued the benefits and disadvantages of apprenticeship through dimensions linked to worker-citizenship. In addition, the positions of young apprenticeship students were defined from worker-citizenship. This appears in a sense that young students are guided to a position of self-responsible and active yet self-aware of their deficits. Along with the ideal subject an opposite was defined which was seen for example as a “reader type”.
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