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  • Justén, Selina (2005)
    In this study, the employees within Wärtsilä Service Business unit were interviewed in order to find out their images of a strategy and the corporate strategy. The aim was to find out whether the employees share a similar view of the corporate strategy and investigate the interpretative side of strategy in the theoretical framework of social representations. An intention was also to find out the lay theories of the participants on a strategy and the corporate strategy and compare them with the existing strategic management literature and with the official corporate strategy. In the spring 2005, a total of 16 participants were interviewed of whom seven were white-collar workers and nine blue-collar workers. The participants represented different hierarchical levels and educational backgrounds. The participants were between 27–60 years old and had worked in a company from 3 to 37 years. All the participants were male. Semi-structured thematic interviews were used to collect the data. The qualitative data was analysed by grounded theory method and the Atlas.ti –computer software was used as a tool for analyses. In large, the participants had similar images of a strategy, although there was not an absolute unanimity. They most often related a strategy to a plan, a goal or a frame of reference. Although, the participants had more polarised images about the corporate strategy than a strategy in general, their images were still somewhat congruent with each other. The participants emphasised their own strategies and work processes alongside the description of the official corporate strategy. The corporate strategy was most often related to humane factors.