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  • Sokka, Anni (Helsingfors universitet, 2015)
    The aim of this study was twofold: 1) to examine the structure of the job simulation test "Research Budget" and 2) to examine job simulation performance in relation to the extremes of personality traits and cognitive abilities in personnel assessment. Job simulation performance in this context was viewed as performance evaluations provided by the assessors of the simulation test. Previous research indicates that measures of personality and cognitive abilities are the primary correlates for job simulation performance, which supports the setting of this study. The participants (N=224) completed the assignments as a part of their assessment day at a Finnish Personnel Assessment Company. Measures used in this study were a job simulation test concerning decision making, a personality inventory Stress Reaction Styles, measuring the extremes of personality traits and three measures of cognitive abilities; Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices set II, Verbal Critical Reasoning (VCR) test and Numerical Reasoning (NR) test. All data was gathered from an internal database of the company between years 2013-2014. An explorative factor analysis was conducted to study the structure of the job simulation test. The relationship between, the different measures were examined by Pearson's correlation analyses and by linear regression analyses. The results of this study showed that four SRS-type dimensions of the extremes of personality. Dependent, Avoidant, Paranoid and Borderline and cognitive ability test VCR had moderate but significant correlations with job simulation performance. In addition Dependent and VCR moderately predicted job simulation performance.