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  • Teatterikorkeakoulu / Teaterhögskolan / Theatre Academy Helsinki; Humalisto, Tomi; Karjunen, Kimmo; Kilpeläinen, Raisa (2019)
    Teatterikorkeakoulun julkaisusarja
    The Theatre Academy Helsinki began teaching lighting design in 1986. Since that time, instruction in the degree programme has focused on artistic and technical competence in its mission of helping students form an independent artistic identity. A bold move in its day, the establishment of the lighting design programme has had a profound impact on the Finnish performing arts, as artistic teams have been enriched by a new class of practitioners - artists, thinkers, designers, executors - whose contributions are integral to creating total works of art. Three decades later, lighting design has become established as an artistic field in its own right in the Finnish performing arts; lighting-centred thinking and the use of light have also made strong inroads in other fields, including the fine arts and architecture. The work of lighting designers has left a critical, concrete imprint in the form of both powerful works and collective learning. Despite this, research and articles on the field are rarely published in Finland. This collection, 360 Degrees: Focus on Lighting Design, aims at stimulating conversation about the profession and its history through a diversity of phenomena and perspectives. The hope is that deeper self-understanding will spur further evolution within the field, while making lighting design visible as one art among others. Contributors responded to an open call for submissions, and their writings fall under three broad themes. The first section of this book covers the history of lighting design and its instruction in Finland. In the second, lighting designers reflect on their approach to their work and professional identity as designers and artists. The third and final section delves into questions of visual perception, conceptions of transparency, and the relationship between designer and technology. Originally published in Finnish in 2017, this volume was commissioned to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the lighting design programme at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.
  • Bisset, Christiana (2019)
    The contested practice of dowsing is a technique for searching for underground water, minerals, ley lines, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer. Throughout this process of artistic research, I have developed my own relationship to the method of dowsing. This paper illustrates a landscape which has become through and with this method. The movement of dowsing rods is simultaneously an expression of your own knowing, as it is an indicator which you can analyse for new results. Information can be seen as multidirectional as it seemingly flows both from and into the body. As such it breaks down the linearity of knowledge production and reception, rather suggesting a form of fluidity. Throughout this paper, I will question what it might mean to know or believe, given the challenges which face us, in an age of fundamental change. Looking in detail, at the way in which dowsing is understood in popular culture, and layering with my own experiences, this thesis seeks to unpack the nature of a binary in which some knowledges are centralised in order to establish a realm where others might only be considered as 'alternative'. I will propose that the nature of this binary is both gendered and ableist, and that the exclusion of perceptual and bodily based knowledges, has a significance in how we might approach our ecological condition. After presenting this analysis on the state of knowledge and truth, with reference to the post-structuralist turn and the so-called 'post-truth' era, this thesis will explore how my own investigation in contemporary performance responded to the complexities of truth and fact in the age of climate crisis.
  • Etkin, Shelley (2019)
    This text proposes various orientations towards a body of artistic research on the praxis of landing. Landing explores practices of mutual communicative exchange with land. The guiding curiosity in this practice is to shift from ‘land’ as a territorial entity, separate from the human, into ‘landing’ as a shared process. Thus far, landing has been practiced in the form of sessions, in private and group formations. Landing as a verb connotes processual movement and has been researched through embodied somatic journeying, practiced in several places, working with body and land as medium, proposing a morphing connectedness to address them as a whole. Landing offers a specific approach to journeying as a mode to potentially access a shared imaginary inclusive of humans and land. Through this, I ask how the practice might open into subtle aspects of colonization and de/territorialization and whether there lies potential for other modes of journeying. Landing as a praxis is discussed in relation to ecology, performance, healing, and pedagogy. This text seeks to enter into the research questions of landing as a multilogue; a whole composed of conversations, questions, and orientations. I have set the intention to experiment with attempts at deterritorializing practice through proposing a textual garden, in this case gardening through the medium of words, language, and text.
  • Kettunen, Katriina; Hejazi, Harold; Ocampo, Yuan Mor’O; Spyropoulou, Olga; Pascual, Daniela; Stylianou, Nicolina (2019)
    Episodi is a series published by the Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) programme in Theatre Academy of the Uniarts Helsinki. This sixth volume of Episodi, ’Signatures’ consists of six online expositions by the MA students of the LAPS programme, Harold Hejazi, Katriina Kettunen, Yuan Mor’O Ocampo, Daniela Pascual Esparza, Olga Spyropoulou and Nicolina Stylianou, where these are reflections on the LAPSody festival that commenced on February 21-23, 2019, or individual research. For the first time, Episodi will be published in an online format using the Research Catalogue (RC) publishing platform.