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  • Viitikko, Susanna (Helsingfors universitet, 2016)
    In this thesis, I want to raise awareness, visibility and the importance of R & T play. About R & T play, I discuss in more detail in following aspects; R & T play or aggression, boys' and girls' R & T play and the benefits of R & T play. In addition, I deal briefly with peer relationships and a sense of community. My research questions have been formed on researchers' studies and based on my own experiences. My thesis theoretical framework is a socio-constructivist view of learning, including learning community, as well as building of knowledge sharing and processing it with others. The research questions are: what types of situations R & T play get started? What is the structure of R & T play in different situations? How R & T play, rampage and aggressiveness differ? The theoretical part is composed on the basis of written R & T play research articles. There is no research articles about R & T play in Finnish language. In my research I videotaped twelve, one integrated special group, 4 to 5 year old children's play situations. Research material consisted of video episodes that had a total of 38. Research material I collected in late autumn 2014 and spring 2015. Total video material was 253.91 minutes. About 10 Video-file episodes I did content logs. Content logs I described of molecular- and the molar level. Molar level I analyzed about the script point of view. It is important to allow children's play in different situations and locations. Fun mode has a big impact on what kind of play is chosen and how it is formed. State attracts a certain kind of play and thus the direction of children's ideas of play. Playing is vital and all forms of play, also R & T play, produces joy to children and strengthen their social skills. With the help of the video-episodes, I tried to show that also R & T play is important. However, R & T play is only a tiny part of the whole play-flame. I think adults need "RTP-eyeglasses", see R & T play first and second, allow it. Children with special needs, challenge and / or puzzles play skills, are unable mutual R & T play. There are needed a good playing skills to RTP.