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  • Safronov, Omid (Helsingin yliopisto, 2022)
    Inonotus obliquuse, commonly called chaga mushroom (Pakurikääpä), is known and used by many ethnic societies for its medicinal properties, to the degree that they believed to its magical and supernatural powers. Chaga mushroom mainly grows on Betula species, and easily identifiable when the sterile black conks burst through the bark of a host like Betula pendula (silver birch). The infected host tree might not even show any symptoms for several years, while the white-rot disease is progressing in the heart of the woody stem of the infected tree. However, very little known about the evolutionary history of chaga mushroom, and the molecular dynamics involves in pathogen-host interaction of chaga. In contrast, there is no lack of research over the study of secondary metabolites, extracted from chaga, and their potential for biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. Among the compounds are triterpenoids, such as betulin and betulinic acid, which found to be produced naturally by both chaga and its hosts Betula species. This begs a question what is the molecular mechanism which drive the production of the same compounds in host and the pathogen? To this end, we sequenced, assembled, and annotated the genome of B. pendula to predict high-quality gene models. We also studied the transcriptomic profiling of silver birch bark to understand the molecular pathways which contribute to the triterpenoid’s biosynthesis in different tissues of silver birch bark. In addition to the host genome, we sequenced, assembled, and annotated a high-quality genome of the pathogen (chaga mushroom), which provides an important foundation for our evolutionary analysis. Furthermore, we also identified and characterized the candidate CYP450 monooxygenase genes from silver birch and chaga mushroom, which then for the functional analysis, they subjected to heterologous gene expression analysis.