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  • Holm, Matilda; Joenväärä, Sakari; Saraswat, Mayank; Mustonen, Harri; Tohmola, Tiialotta; Ristimäki, Ari; Renkonen, Risto; Haglund, Caj (2019)
    Abstract Colorectal cancer (CRC) stands for 10% of the worldwide cancer burden and has recently become the second most common cause of cancer death. The 5-year survival rate depends mainly on stage at diagnosis. Mass spectrometric proteomic analysis is widely used to study the plasma proteome, which is complex and contains multitudes of proteins. In this study, we have used Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Ultra Definition Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-UDMSE)-based proteomics to analyze plasma samples from 76 CRC patients. We identified several plasma proteins, such as CP, TVP23C, FETUB, and IGFBP3, of which altered levels led to significant differences in survival, as seen by Cox regression and Kaplan-Meier analysis. Additionally, during Cox regression analysis, samples were adjusted for age and/or tumor stage, enabling stringent analysis. These proteins, although in need of further validation, could be of use during patient follow-up, as their levels can non-invasively be measured from blood samples, and could be of use in predicting patient outcome. Several of these proteins additionally have roles in metabolism and inflammation, two processes central to the development and progression of cancer, further indicating their importance in cancer.