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  • Negri, Sara; von Plato, Jan (2019)
    A short text in the hand of David Hilbert, discovered in Gottingen a century after it was written, shows that Hilbert had considered adding a 24th problem to his famous list of mathematical problems of the year 1900. The problem he had in mind was to find criteria for the simplicity of proofs and to develop a general theory of methods of proof in mathematics. In this paper, it is discussed to what extent proof theory has achieved the second of these aims. This article is part of the theme issue 'The notion of 'simple proof' - Hilbert's 24th problem'.
  • Pavlović, Edi; Norbert Gratzl (2019)
    This article investigates the proof theory of the Quantified Argument Calculus (Quarc) as developed and systematically studied by Hanoch Ben-Yami [3, 4]. Ben-Yami makes use of natural deduction (Suppes-Lemmon style), we, however, have chosen a sequent calculus presentation, which allows for the proofs of a multitude of significant meta-theoretic results with minor modifications to the Gentzen's original framework, i.e., LK. As will be made clear in course of the article LK-Quarc will enjoy cut elimination and its corollaries (including subformula property and thus consistency).