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  • Tuomela, Minna (Helsingin yliopisto, 2015)
    The aim of this study is to explain how student initiations construct in classroom interaction. Study is based on framework of socio-cultural theories. The specific view is on student initiations in whole class lessons and what is the nature of these initiations. Previous studies of classroom interaction has been made especially from teacher's point of view. Research about student interaction has been made about group work and peer interaction. Previous studies have shown that classroom talk is dominated by teachers, but students have growing possibilities to participate classroom discussions. The method of this study is video research and content analysis. The data was part of Learning Bridges – research project. The data was collected by videotaping one third grade class of 18 students and their teacher in comprehensive school. For this study I analyzed four lessons from which I searched for notable patterns considering research questions. The results indicated that student have an opportunity to construct classroom interaction and by making initiative turns they can affect in the content of discussion. Students initiative turns were firstly motivated by lesson themes, secondly classroom practices and thirdly questions that weren't related to ongoing lesson. Students initiative turns have an influence on student commitment. Student initiations were mostly directed to the teacher, but teachers and students constructed interaction mostly together. The study shows that teacher has a conducting role in classroom interaction that provides many possibilities for student participation. The study offers examples of in which way student initiations construct classroom interaction and what is the nature of these student initiations.