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  • Huovila, Ossi (Helsingin yliopisto, 2017)
    This master's thesis goes through forest investments from the point of view of forestry insurers and more than EUR 100,000 fund investors. The purpose of this study is to provide information of forest investments and especially on forest funds based on interviews. Especially I want to find out what kind of investors the respondents see themselves, what kind of benefit forest will bring to the investors and what kind of thoughts investors have about forests and do they see forest as an investment. In addition, I want to find out are forest funds more interesting than traditional forest management and is it important that the forest of forest fund is located in Finland. In addition, the study has identified a variety of forest investment alternatives and told about theories of investor decision-making. The study is a qualitative case study. I interviewed by telephone 20 forest insurance customers, 17 fund investors, who were also forest insurance policy holders, and 20 fund investors who did not own forest. The interviews' responses were divided by thematic analysis and analysed with typification analysis. Types and their frequency were later com-pared to previous studies and theories of investor behaviour. The interviewees generally considered themselves as cautious investors but also moderate. The majority of forests insurance customers have a strong emotional value related to forest, but also natural values are often considered important. The benefit of forest comes from these, but also from the safe and stable investment qualities of forests. Fund investors found the forest funds to be clearly more interesting than just forest insurance customers did. In addition, the interest in investing in forests in the Baltic countries clearly differed between forest insurance and non-forest insurance customers. The main placement criterion for fund investors was a return, not so much the fund's content. According to the theory of the investor's decision-making and the thesis results, forestry investment must produce especially emotional additional value in order to increase attraction compared to other investment forms.