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  • Varis, Jutta (Helsingfors universitet, 2017)
    Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) is an economical, sustainable source of vegetable protein. Antinutrients and unpleasant flavor restrict its use for animal feed and human consumption. Addition of faba bean flour or other protein rich bean flours has a big influence on the structure and flavor of baked products. The aim of this study was to find out how the structure and sensory profile changed when native faba bean (NHP) flour or fermented faba bean (RHP) flour was added to wheat bread. The study was organized into two substudies 1) The wheat breads were baked with 0–50 % faba bean flour (NHP0, NHP10, NHP30, NHP50) 2) The breads were baked with 30 % faba bean flour fermented with four different lactic acid bacteria (R1HP, R2HP, R3HP, R4HP and control sample NHP30r). Generic descriptive analysis (GDA) was used for evaluations (n = 12). NHP breads were evaluated with 13 attributes: five related to an odour, two to colour, four to texture and two to taste. In RHP evaluation, three attributes were added: musty odour, crumb musty taste, and crumb sour taste. The analysis of variance showed that the amount of faba bean or the type of fermentation had an effect in each attribute except in odour of yeast in RHP breads. NHP30 control samples were evaluated similarly in both substudies. High levels of faba bean (NHP30, NHP50) made the intensities of odour and flavour stronger and texture less smooth compared to wheat bread with lower levels of faba bean. Weissella confusa fermented bread (R1HP) differed considerably from other fermented samples in texture, specific volum, colour and in some odour and flavour attributes. The Weissella confusa E3403-strain, used in bread R1HP, produces exopolysaccharides, which transforms the technological attributes of faba bean flour more suitable for wheat baking. The Weissella confusa E3403-strain also excludes the negative side effects affecting the taste and texture and enables the high faba bean and protein level in wheat bread.