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  • Laitinen, Kaisa (Helsingin yliopisto, 2021)
    Finnish teachers’ workload has been high for a long time and because of the Covid- 19 pandemic their workload has further grown (Eskonen, 2018; FSL, 2019; Korkeakivi, 2018; Kröger, 2020; OAJ, 2018a; OAJ, 2018b; OAJ, 2020; Råholm, 2020). Which means that the Finnish teachers’ heavy workload is an issue that needs to be solved. Previous studies have shown that co- teaching can have a positive impact on teachers’ workload (Ahtiainen et al., 2011, s. 36–37; Pulkkinen & Rytivaara, 2015, s. 9; Walther-Thomas, 1997, s. 401). Therefore, the aim of this study is to form an understanding of teachers’ experiences of co- teaching and its impact on their workload in basic education. The participants of the study consisted of 24 teachers in basic education in Swedish speaking schools in Finland. The data collection was done through qualitative surveys in an electronic format. The data was analyzed by using thematic analysis. The teachers in the study experienced that they, through the co- teaching partnership, had more social support, could share their work responsibilities and learn from each other. In addition to this, the participants experienced that they had better opportunities to form an inclusive and differentiated classroom through co-teaching. Therefore, co- teaching can lessen teachers’ workload. Although, the participants of the study also experienced lack of resources, as well as conflicts and an unfair work distribution in the co-teaching partnership. Through this, co- teaching can also lead to a greater workload. Lastly, the teachers in the study also experienced that resources, good collaboration and positive attitudes towards co-teaching promotes the use of co- teaching. Consequently, lack of recourses, poor collaboration and negative attitudes hinders the use of successful co- teaching. However, some teachers experienced that there is nothing that hinders the use of co- teaching.