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  • Manninen, Niina; Kuusisto, Elina; Tirri, Kirsi (2018)
    This exploratory mixed methods case study examines the life goals of Finnish social services students (N = 151) and whether they justify their goals with self- or other-focused reasoning. Purpose is understood as reflecting the students' life goals that benefit not only oneself but also others. On the basis of this study, close relationships, pursuit of happiness, self-actualization and hedonistic goals described these students' life goals. Most of the students justified their goals through self-benefits only. One-fifth of the students found purpose in familial concerns and one-fourth in pursuing a helping profession. Students' life goals and purposes are discussed particularly in relation to helping profession.
  • Manninen, Niina; Kuusisto, Elina; Tirri, Kirsi (2018)
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the kinds of field education experiences that social services students (N = 113) regard as meaningful. The theoretical structure was based on a ”purpose of life” framework (Damon, Menon & Bronk 2003). Pursuing a helping profession is identified as a life purpose when it is a personally meaningful long-term life goal that is intentionally realized by benefiting others. Based on quantitative and qualitative data, the study relates the students’ meaningful field education experiences to a sense of community, learning professional competencies, and learning related to the self. Students’ confidence in helping and in social advocacy increased after their field education, and they were less concerned with searching for purpose. Helping seems to be an important life goal for the students but explicitly reflecting its pro-social meanings does not seem apparent.