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  • Pisto, Tuulia (Helsingfors universitet, 2015)
    This is a story of one instrumental teacher. It is her intersubjectively constructed narrative identity, story of self. The approach is narrative-biographical and it includes teacher's thinking, actions, physicality, feelings and musical experiences that are equally and simultaneously parts of her identity. Individual experiences happen in particular time and surroundings. Questions about instrumental teacher's understanding of herself are observed trough identity theories included in narrative theory. The purpose of this study is to create data about instrumental teacher's unique ways of knowing and preconditions of successful identity formation. Changes in teacher's life are interpreted trough progression and awareness. The profession of instrumental teacher is understood trough possibilities of narrative inquiry in music education field. Data was collected in episodic in depth-interview. The data consists of meaningful episodes in teacher's life and her beliefs in different themes in this study. Data analysis strategies included paradigmatic analysis of narratives and the narrative analysis. The success of instrumental teacher's sources of individual/social selves were defined by her efforts to achieve harmony. Therefore successful construction of identity depends on the achieved balance in teacher's life. According to this study, the story is unbalanced when a person can't have an interaction between either individual or social sources of self. Professional growth depended on teacher's cognitive, emotional, physical and mental maturity. Teacher's awareness consisted of knowing her work and self-confidence in thoughts and actions. Awareness led to herself managing at work and had an impact on her general well being. Knowing herself made it possible to develop her work. In addition to awareness, life values gave her perspective and security in disharmonies. According to this study progression in professional growth is a maturing process. In the first place it is getting to know herself, secondly committing to herself, and finally achieving autonomy. Professional growth includes accepting the differences in personalities and cultural backgrounds of people. Instrumental teacher's profession was about a relationship between personas. Contact between teacher and student arose from the presence and feelings in musicking. According to this study contact is understood as a value of teaching and music. Contact between people and music have an impact on students learning and gives teacher's work its meaning. Instrumental teaching is given for life.