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  • Suominen, Eetu N.; Sandelin, Henrik; Puhakka, Jani; Repo, Jussi; Ovaska, Mikko (2021)
    We present a patient with compartment syndrome and entrapment of the superficial peroneal nerve due to a direct hit to the lateral part of the right lower extremity. The diagnosis of evolving compartment syndrome was made without delay and the patient was quickly taken to the operating theater. Intraoperatively, the entrapment of the superficial peroneal nerve caused by rupture and herniation of the peroneus tertius muscle was surprisingly observed at the site, where the nerve pierces the anterior compartment. The nerve was successfully released in conjunction with fasciotomies of the anterior and lateral compartments. Meticulous diagnosis of compartment syndrome is critical to prevent ischemic injury to muscles and nerves. Recognition of anatomy and anatomical variations is important to prevent iatrogenic injury in unusual circumstances.