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  • Almgren, Jenni (Helsingfors universitet, 2016)
    This research is a qualitative case-study which has fenomenological features. This study is a part of TAIKAVA-project, which lasted two years and took place in the city of Vantaa. The purpose of this project was to hire an art pedagogy to work in ten (10) different kindergartens for two years to support children who needed special support towards their growth and learning. The purpose of this study was to find out what kind of conceptions kindergarten teachers, which attended TAIKAVA-project, had about their own art education skills. The aim was to find out if working daily with an art pedagogy change kindergarten teachers' conceptions about their own skills and knowledge of art education. The meaning of this study was to investigate how kindergarten teachers experienced working daily together with an art pedagogy as a couple and how working cooperatively affected the kindergarten teachers' own understanding and skills with art education. The goal of this research was also to figure out which educational methods kindergarten teachers and art pedagogies improved together to support children with special needs in the groups. The material was collected through group interviews. Altogether 11 kindergarten teachers in three groups attended the first interviews and seven (7) kindergarten teachers in two groups were able to attend to second interviews. The material was analyzed theory-bonded and material-based. Kindergarten teachers' know-how of art subjects was in the beginning of the project already competent, but during the project kindergarten teachers learnt to use new art subjects such as drama-pedagogy, cinematography and creating art using software. Kindergartens teachers found that their skills to support experience in art were strengthened during the project. Kindergarten teachers perceived that they had learnt new kinds of customs and ideas to work. According to kindergarten teachers, they had started to observe the children more and concentrate on the children's interests which then led to the teachers planning lessons based on these new found ideas. Kindergarten teachers regarded working with an art pedagogy embelished and enriched their own work. Kindergarten teachers' knowledge in supporting environment and culture was strengthened during the project. This was seen through the increased utilisation of art in various teaching environments.