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  • Kauhanen, Eero Olavi; Nurminen, Jukka K; Mikkonen, Tommi; Pashkovskiy, Matvey (IEEE, 2021)
    In this paper, we present a coverage-based regression test selection (RTS) approach and a developed tool for Python. The tool can be used either on a developer's machine or on build servers. A special characteristic of the tool is the attention to easy integration to continuous integration and deployment. To evaluate the performance of the proposed approach, mutation testing is applied to three open-source projects, and the results of the execution of full test suites are compared to the execution of a set of tests selected by the tool. The missed fault rate of the test selection varies between 0-2% at file-level granularity and 16-24% at line-level granularity. The high missed fault rate at the line-level granularity is related to the selected basic mutation approach and the result could be improved with advanced mutation techniques. Depending on the target optimization metric (time or precision) in DevOps/MLOps process the error rate could be acceptable or further improved by using file-level granularity based test selection.