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  • Murto, Kalle (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    Round baling is a common way to harvest feed and bedding materials from fields. Round balers have improved in the 21th century to be more efficient. There are two main chamber types for round baling, fixed chamber and variable chamber. Differences between chamber types were researched in 80s and 90s. There were no research studies made with modern high capacity combi balers. The aim of this study was to find out if there are significant differences between fixed chamber and variable chamber balers. Differences were examined by weighing bales that were made in different moisture conditions and measuring the fuel consumption from tractors CAN-bus. The tests were carried out by operating two different types of combination balers in succession under the same conditions as far as possible. Bales were made in three different humidity conditions in succession, changing the machine behind the same tractor. The bales were marked and weighed. Feed samples taken from the bales were used to verify the prevailing conditions and to be able to compare the dry matter content of the bale. In addition, the effect of increasing the bale size with a variable chamber baler on the bale volume weight and the fuel consumption of the work was measured by the same methods. The effects of using chopping knives on the volume weight of the bale were also measured with a fixed chamber baler. The result of the study was that the chamber type had no significant effect on the volume weight of the bale under any of the humidity conditions tested. The difference in fuel consumption between the machines was also quite small. Depending on the humidity conditions, the fuel consumption of the variable chamber baler was 1 to 10 % lower than that of the fixed chamber baler. With a fixed chamber baler, the use of 25 shredder blades increased the weight of the bale by about 8 % when compared to non-chopped bales. The bale chamber type had an effect on baling efficiency and cost, but it did not have a significant effect on the bale volume weight. When choosing a baler, it is more important that the machine can be used to make bales that are suitable size for the purpose and logistics.
  • Päivänen, Juhani (Suomen metsätieteellinen seura, 1969)