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  • Kari, Juha (Helsingin yliopisto, 2015)
    In this study I was examining means to better take into account the special needs of a sensory hypersensitive student in the first six grades of the comprehensive school. The sub-research problems considered means for taking into account the needs of a sensory hypersensitive child in the context of classroom as a physical space, teaching, social interaction, physical education, transitional situations and eating. Previous studies about sensory hypersensitivity in the context of school are relatively rare, especially in Finland. The research material was acquired by carrying through five semi-structured interviews. Three occupational therapists and two special needs teachers were interviewed. The material was analyzed using phenomenological approaching method. There are also features of content analysis and discourse analysis in the study. The results were that ne needs of a sensory hypersensitive student can be taken into account in school by decreasing the amount of stimulus and the sensory load that a hypersensitive student under-go. This can be actualized by modifying the physical environment and the teaching process as well as understanding the student's special needs and accepting them. In order to do so the child's parents and teacher must collaborate and be well aware of the situation. All the suggested improvements can be carried out with relatively low costs.