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  • Raitakari, Jasmin (Helsingfors universitet, 2016)
    Goals. The goal of this thesis is to find out the motives for following three different food blogs. The research focuses on readers of the blogs 52 weeks of deliciousness, Lunni leipoo and Perinneruokaa prkl, all of which are located at the website The selection of the research subject was influenced partly by the fact that blog readers and their following motives have yet been researched only little. Blogs are associated with communality and therefore it's interesting to know whether readers participate in commenting the blog posts and how do they do it. Methods. The data was acquired with an online questionnaire that contained open and multiple-choice questions. The online questionnaire was an appropriate method for reaching the target group. The theoretic focus was on qualitative methods, but quantitative methods were utilized as well. The results of the questionnaire were processed using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Multiple-choice questions were presented graphically, open questions in turn were analysed by defining types and themes. At first every blog was examined individually, after which the whole material was subjected to analysis in order to define different reader types. Results and conclusions. The questionnaire gathered answers from 132 readers. Blog 52 weeks of deliciousness was interesting due to recipes, food ideas and the atmosphere created by the blogger. The blog was also a source for daily inspiration and restaurant tips. Blog Lunni leipoo was followed particularly for its visuality, but the entirety, recipes and stories were also felt important. The readers of blog Perinneruokaa prkl were interested in the blog's theme of traditional food. Although the blog was mainly a source for recipes, the funny and narrative writing style was part of the blog's charm. The reader types defined from the material were information seekers, inspiration hunters and self-entertainers. These types were divided into two types by purposes of use: blogs are either idea banks or entertainment platforms. As an idea bank the blog functions as a source for ideas and information. The information seeker values accessibility and searches the blog for recipes or cooking-related information. The inspiration hunter seeks inspiration, which is basically related to all aspects of the blog, such as the recipes, pictures and the blogger's persona. Both inspiration hunter and self-entertainer use the food blog as an entertainment platform. The self-entertainer is after the blog's atmosphere, looking for fun or just passing time. The blog's visuality, stories and attitude gratify the reader. Commenting in the blogs was scarce. The readers didn't comment, because they didn't find their own thoughts important enough, they didn't feel commenting was appropriate for their behaviour, they felt comments had to have value to other readers and the blogger or they wanted to preserve their anonymity. The readers felt that reasons good enough for commenting were asking a question, sharing an own experience, praising, a particularly interesting or emotive post, testing the recipe at hand and asking for advice.
  • Rintakorpi, Kati (Helsingfors universitet, 2010)
    Early childhood education carries multiple experiences, activities, challenges, disappointments, achievements and encounters. Small children have difficulties to remember, piece together and pass on those experiences and feelings to their teachers or parents. The aim of this study was to examine the context and organization of early childhood education where documentation raises and develops. Furthermore it was examined what the documentation of small children means in practice and how the teachers understood it. In this study the mixed methods have been used to expose different perspectives about the subject. Also the material was collected using several methods and is a part of two other studies. The quantitative study was made with material which included 892 randomly chosen children and their teachers from 313 daycare units in the metropolitan area of Finland. The material is a part of a "Children's agentive perception uncovered" study (2010), which was carried out by the University of Helsinki. The qualitative study was made by using the material of a "VKK-Metro" development project, which was carried out also in the metropolitan area (2009). The analysis and the conclusions were made by using Reunamo's theoretical model of agentive perception and Bronfenbrenner's ecological systems theory. The angle is childcentered, constructivistic and sosioconstructivistic education. In this study a remarkable confrontation was found between the visions and the practices of the early childhood educators. The documentation was not a powerful educational tool for them and the pedagogy was not built up in a sosioconstructive way. After all it was noticeable that when the teachers got more resources and pedagogical support to the documentation of the children, they found more child-centered angel in their practices as early educators. It seemed that the teachers usally work under quite a pressure and should get more resources to become able to develop the pedagogy. This study is useful for those who are interested in the child-centered way of working and the documentation as a pedagogical tool. It is also a good basis for further studies and for the attempts to regenerate early childhood education.
  • Haapakoski, Kaisa; Heiskanen, Tuija; Harkko, Jaakko; Hautamäki, Lotta; Hiekkala, Sinikka; Karhula, Maarit; Koivula, Riitta; Pikkarainen, Aila; Poutiainen, Erja; Seppänen-Järvelä, Riitta; Tuomenoksa, Asta; Villa, Tiia; Vuorento, Mirkka; Åkerblad, Leena (Kela, 2018)
    Työpapereita ; 144
    Muutos-hankkeessa on tutkittu Kelan kuntoutuksen muutosten vaikutuksia asiakkaan saamaan kuntoutuspalveluun sekä tuotettu tietoa monimenetelmällisen tutkimusotteen soveltuvuudesta kuntoutuksen tutkimukseen. Muutos-hankkeessa on sovellettu moninäkökulmaisia ja monimenetelmällisiä tutkimusasetelmia, joilla on tarkasteltu kuntoutukselle ominaisia monitoimijaisia prosesseja sekä kuntoutumista tuottavia mekanismeja. Moninäkökulmaisuudella on voitu tuottaa kokonaisvaltaista ymmärrystä monialaisesta ja -äänisestä kuntoutustoiminnasta. Julkaisu koostuu artikkeleista, jotka perustuvat Muutos-hankkeen tutkijoiden metodiseminaarissa pidettyihin esityksiin. Artikkeleissa kuvataan moninäkökulmaisen moniaineistollisen tutkimuksen haasteita ja hyötyjä koko tutkimusprosessin näkökulmasta: aineistojen keruuta, analyysin prosessimaista etenemistä ja eri tyyppisten aineistojen välistä vuorovaikutusta analyysivaiheen aikana. Artikkeleissa kuvataan sitä, miten eri aineistojen yhdistelyä ja integraatiota tehtiin sekä millaisia menetelmällisiä pohdintoja tutkimuksissa käytiin.
  • Rahikainen, Katariina (Helsingfors universitet, 2009)
    Objectives. The purpose of this study was to investigate Finnish high-school students and teachers perceptions about what a short-term Nordic study abroad program offers to its participants. The benefits of study abroad were also addressed, as well as their connection to the reasons for attending such a program. Participants were also asked to state the challenges they faced during their study abroad. As data was gathered from three different participant groups, comparison between different participant groups was one of the central aims of the study. Participants. The participants consisted of three different groups; two of which were student groups and one that was a teacher group. One student group participated in an SA in Sweden for one month (Period scholars); the other student group participated in a one to two week long intensive language course in Sweden (Scholars to Sweden). Teachers had stays of different lengths, from less than a week to two weeks in Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland). Methods. The investigation presented herein relied on a mixed-methods strategy. The data of the study consisted of responses from 158 students and 92 teachers to a specifically developed Study Abroad Assessment (SAA) instrument. This data was analyzed quantitatively with SPSS using Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and partly also qualitatively categorizing. In addition, material from six (6) students interviews before and after the study abroad (SA) period, and their reports on their stay, were analyzed qualitatively and reported as a case of an average student attending that particular program. Results and conclusions. Based on the analysis, there emerged four factors that represented dimensions which a short-term SA program has to offer. These factors were named according to their content as follows: 1) Personal growth; 2) Links to another Nordic country; 3) Development of Nordic awareness; and 4) Impact on career or study opportunities. Composite variables were created on the basis of these factors. There were some statistically significant differences between groups and group explained differing percentages of variance in each dimension. The Period scholars group differed significantly from other groups statistically in terms of "Personal growth" and "Impact on career or study opportunities" composite variables, whereas the Scholars to Sweden group differed significantly from other groups statistically in terms of the "Links to another Nordic country" composite variable. The Teacher group differed statistically significantly from student groups in terms of "Development of Nordic awareness" composite variable. The qualitative part of the study provided information on the benefits and challenges of study abroad that were compatible with previous studies. As a conclusion, it was noted that participants felt their language threshold to be lower than prior attending the SA, and that personal growth indeed was one of the main benefits of the SA.