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  • Hurri, Mari (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    Goals. The goal of this Master’s Thesis is to examine Helsinki University’s Home Economics teacher students’ digital skills, what experiences they have of utilizing digital tools in Home Economics teaching and how they consider using digital tools in the future while working as Home Economics teacher in secondary school. In addition to that, one goal is to examine how their university education supports the development of their digital skills. The subject is topical because digitality constantly changes our society and the work of teachers. According to research digitality has not advanced evenly in Finnish secondary schools, and there are differences in teachers’ digital skills. Home Economics is in a key position teaching the future everyday skills and it cannot fall behind technological development. Therefore it is important to pay attention to teacher education and to the development of the students’ skills. Methods. My Master’s Thesis was conducted as a quantitative research on Helsinki University’s web-based survey tool. The target group of the study was all the Home Economics students of the grades 2–5 (or higher). There were 49 responses by the due date. The material was analyzed with SPSS and Excel utilizing descriptive statistical analysis methods, correlations and t-tests. The open questions were examined using qualitative content analysis. Results and conclusions. Results show that Home Economics students have somewhat good digital skills, but especially problem solving skills require improvement. Problem solving skills are connected to using digital tools in the future in teaching Home Economics, so it would be important to invest in it in teacher education. Students thought the greatest advantage of using digital tools is how it diversifies pedagogy, and the greatest challenge had to do with hardware problems. Students thought it was easiest to use digital tools in the planning of teaching. The use of digital tools is encouraged in the university, but the students feel they don’t get enough education in it.