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  • Liu, Yu (Helsingin yliopisto, 2021)
    A growing population is suffering from protein insufficiency and seas of over-fishing. On the other hand, an abundant amount of low-value or underutilized fish species remains unexploited for human consumption mainly due to low consumer preferences. For this reason, new solutions are needed to utilize these fish better. This study was carried out in two phases. In phase I, extrudates from five underutilized fish species and pea protein isolate (PPI) were produced by using a high-moisture extrusion process (HMEP). The aim was to successfully produce extrudates and study their sensory and texture properties by generic descriptive analysis (GDA), instrumental color measurements, and instrumental tensile strength measurements. In phase II, PPI was partially replaced in the recipe by two cereal fractions. The experiment was generated by simplex-centroid mixture design to study the effects of PPI and two cereal fractions on the texture of extrudates. The results of phase I showed that the extrudates were successfully produced. Extrudates from Baltic herring were one extreme with intense flavor and odor, such as seaweed, and the highest fracturability. Smelt extrudates were another extreme with intense flavor, odor, and greyness. For further studies, a combination of the present analytical sensory profiling data and the hedonic response of consumers will be needed for the product development. In phase II, the extrudates produced from a low amount of PPI with a high amount of cereal fractions were doughy and too soft. Other ingredients should be considered in further studies to replace PPI.