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  • Toikka, Eveliina (Helsingin yliopisto, 2017)
    The object of this study is to examine the qualities and skills of a good coach. The study approaches the subject through the eyes of junior footballers. Coaching children and youth is more than exercising – coach needs to have other abilities too, like interaction and educational skills. The study is looking for answers to the following questions: What kind of qualities the coach should have based on the opinion of junior players? How the skill level of the team and the sex of the player connects with the idea of a good coach? Coaching contains several different sectors, which are examined in the theory section. The essential terms are youth sports, team sports, physical education, coaching and different roles of a coach. Some previous studies considering the theme are introduced in the theory section. The data was collected by a questionnaire which was completed by 1446 junior footballers from Southern Finland. Every fifth answer was randomly selected for closer examination. To help the children to answer, the questionnaire included few open questions about good coaching. The results of the questionnaire were classified by using content analysis after which they were categorised under different themes. The possible divergences between boys and girls as well as different skill levels of the teams were investigated. The results were also examined based on former studies and theories, most importantly the Finnish Coaching Expertise Model (Suomalainen valmennusosaamisen malli). Based on the results of the study the main findings were that there is a connection between a football player's sex and their perception of a good coach, which means that some differences between boys and girls did occur. There was also differences between the results of the players from teams of different skill levels, but they seemed relatively random. When the results of the survey were examined based on the Finnish Coaching Expertise Model, the main finding was that the most important skills that a good coach should have are interaction skills and knowledge of the sport. The results of this study can be used in the future to develop junior coaching and training of the coaches.