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  • Suvanto, Suvi (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    Objectives. Nowadays children live in an information filled, stressful, and constantly changing world. Therefore, effective coping skills should be emphasized in education of children to ensure their healthy and balanced development. The aim of The Fun Friends program is to offer tools to educational professionals to contribute to the mental wellbeing of children, for example, enhancing their self-regulation skills. The purpose of this study was to find out how early childhood education teachers experience implementing the Fun Friends program with children aged between four and six. Commitment and attitude of early childhood education teachers to Fun Friends program and teaching the social and emotional skills were surveyed by researching their experiences. In addition, the aim was to examine how the early childhood professionals benefited from introducing the program. Methods. Four early childhood education teachers were interviewed for this research. They worked in public day care centres from three different cities. The interviewees were trained for introducing the Fun Friends program and the training was carried out by Aseman Lapset ry. The research material was collected with semi-structured thematic interviews. The data was analysed by qualitative content analysis with theory guided approach. Results and conclusions. According to the research all the interviewees had an understanding of the significance of the social and emotional skills in different sectors in children's lives. The results showed the interviewees were committed to implementing the Fun Friends program as small group activities. Regardless, the active, positive, and planned actions, transferring the content outside the small group meetings was rather weak amongst the interviewees. The results indicated that the comprehensiveness in the practise of the skills should be emphasized even more in the training of the program. By doing this the content wouldn't be restricted only to the small group meetings organised once a week. The interviewees informed they also benefited from the Fun Friends program professionally. For example, they improved the knowledge of the children and the relationship between them. In addition, part of the interviewees felt their awareness of their role increased in teaching the social and emotional skills. This can be seen as a significant benefit that can be achieved by implementing the Fun Friends program. Because adults' role is unconditionally important when a child is practising the social and emotional skills with their still very underdeveloped brain.
  • Chydenius, Heidi (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    Professional identity is a social construction, which is formed as individuals interpret themselves and their experiences in relation to the surrounding world. According to earlier studies, the professional identity of kindergarten teachers (early childhood education teachers) has been derogated by unclear job descriptions and the difficulty to analyse and articulate professional competence or the essence of one’s professionalism. This thesis examines the background and history of the formation of kindergarten teachers’ professional identity as reviewed through editorials of the Hanna magazine issues 1997–2007, published by The Kindergarten Teachers Union in Finland (LTOL). As a professional agent, the chair of the union has taken part in constructing and moulding the professional identity of kindergarten teachers in editorials, challenging or reinforcing the positions offered to kindergarten teachers by the social operational environment. Research questions are: 1) In what ways is the kindergarten teachers’ professional identity constructed in the editorials? and 2) How has the social operational environment affected the formation of kindergarten teachers’ professional identity? The method in this thesis was critical discourse analysis. Material consisted of editorials of the Hanna magazine from 1997 to 2007. The material was analysed through linguistic analysis of subject positions, which were examined in relation to the social operational environment. The analysis showed that the chair of The Kindergarten Teachers Union has promoted a uniform professional identity for kindergarten teachers, its core consisting of the following roles: academic kindergarten teacher, expert in childhood and early childhood education, social influencer, campaigner for better wages, and expert in education and teaching. Cracks in the professional identity were especially caused by the fact that kindergarten teachers were at the time administered under social welfare services. The results show that, from the point-ofview of their professional identity, a more appropriate professional framework is now being provided for kindergarten teachers by the education administration and legislation.
  • Kallioniemi, Emmi (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    The purpose of this research was to find out what kind of views daycare managers have on the pedagogical team leadership of early childhood education teachers, In addition, the study examined how daycare managers support and enable early childhood education teachers in working as the pedagogical team leader and what kind of possibilities and challenges are related to it. The theoretical framework was formed around describing pedagogical leadership in the context of early childhood education. The framework became more precise by examining the concepts of coaching and multiprofessional team, and the job description and work assignments of early childhood education teachers. This research is a qualitative interview survey based on content analysis. The interviews were executed as group interviews. In total there were four groups and twelve interviewees. The interviewees were part of the research and evaluation unit of the EduLeaders project. The project aims at studying and evaluating the basic-level studies in leadership in education, and based on this information, developing the above-mentioned studies and advanced-level studies of teacher education. Based on the data of this research it seems that early childhood education teachers work as pedagogical team leaders, which shows among other things in their job description. Daycare managers supported pedagogical team leadership for example by methods of coaching. The shortage of teachers and especially the shortage of qualified early childhood education teachers and matters associated with the change of culture were seen as challenges by the interviewees.
  • Ukkonen-Mikkola, Tuulikki; Fonsén, Elina (2018)
    This study examines the experiences of early childhood teachers in their everyday pedagogical work. The data for this qualitative study consists of the diaries of early childhood teachers. Layder’s (1993) research map has been used to structure the theoretical background and provide an analytical frame to categorise the data. The results show that early childhood teachers’ work is complex and demanding, but they did encounter successes in their work. Certain common themes were identified on the levels of Layder’s research map. These themes, which were experienced both as successes and challenges, included laws and steering documents, values and attitudes, pedagogical principles and solutions, leadership, collaborative structures, interaction, professional self-conception and skills. The challenges in the teachers’ work were caused by differing professional values, a lack of discussion, and inoperative organisational structures and practices, among others.
  • Kantonen, Essi; Onnismaa, Eeva-Leena; Reunamo, Jyrki; Tahkokallio, Leena (2020)
    Tiivistelmä: Varhaiskasvatuksen opettajankoulutuksen suorittaneista on pulaa ja on esitetty oletuksia, että ammatista poistumista tapahtuisi erityisesti työuran alkuvaiheessa. Asiaa ei juurikaan ole tutkittu ja artikkelissa pyritään selvittämään opintojensa loppuvaiheessa olevien varhaiskasvatuksen opettajaopiskelijoiden sitoutumista tulevaan ammattiinsa. Tutkimuskysymyksinä ovat: 1. Millaiset tekijät ovat yhteydessä opiskelijoiden sitoutumiseen varhaiskasvatuksen opettajan ammattiin opiskelun loppuvaiheessa? 2. Millaiset tekijät ovat yhteydessä opiskelijoiden halukkuuteen siirtyä muualle kuin varhaiskasvatuksen opettajan ammattiin? Opiskelijoiden halua siirtyä työelämään tarkastellaan suhteessa induktiovaiheen, työhön sitoutumisen ja alalta poistumisen tutkimukseen. Tutkimuksen aineisto on kerätty Helsingin yliopiston varhaiskasvatuksen opettajaopiskelijoille tehdyillä kyselyillä vuosina 2013–2017. Aineistosta on eroteltu kolme eri vastaajaryhmää; ammattiin jäävät, ammatinvalinnastaan epävarmat ja heti ammatista pois haluavat opiskelijat. Tuloksia on tarkasteltu tilastollisen analyysin keinoin. Tutkimuksen tulokset osoittavat, että ammattiin sitoutuminen oli yhteydessä opintoja edeltävään työkokemukseen, sekä uskoon omasta osaamisesta ja alan yhteiskunnallisen arvostuksen noususta.
  • Repo, Marika (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    Objectives. The purpose of this study was to examine how ECE teachers pedagogical leadership was understood in ECE personnel and ECE centre directors speech, how ECE teachers implement their pedagogical leadership and what kind of things belong to ECE teachers’ pedagogical leadership in ECE teachers and directors views. Also the purpose of this study was to examine what kind of things were affecting to ECE teachers pedagogical leadership in early childhood education. This subject is very current because lately in Finnish ECE there has been many reformations in a social level that have impacted to ECE teachers work and position. Methods. This study was implemented as part of “Discourse of leadership in the diverse field of early childhood education” research project. The data of this study consists of six focus group interviews which were collected in three cities of Finland. Interview lengths varied from 34 minutes to two hours and 26 minutes. This study was a qualitative research and content analysis was used as a method of this study. Analysing method also has features about discourse analysis. In this study the philosophy of science were based on social constructivism. Results. In this study ECE teacher pedagogical leadership was acknowledged and pedagogical leadership was important in participants’ views. ECE teachers were implementing pedagogical leadership in three levels: child group, team and centre levels. Things that affected to ECE teachers pedagogical leadership were teacher own responsibility, support of the director and the staff, social situation, idea about the basic tasks, structures of the organisation and the maintenance of pedagogical competence. Results of this study are meaningful for ECE teacher’s implementation of work and also help supporting ECE teachers in their work.
  • Tuominiemi, Viivi (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    The goal of this research is to explore the perceptions kindergarten teachers, working with children under the age of three, have on the execution of musical education within early childhood education and its significance on a child’s overall growth, development and learning. The research is limited to concerning only the opinions of kindergarten teachers, as for the teachers work as the groups pedagogical leaders and are responsible for the planning execution of high-quality early childhood education. Musical education is included as a part of other fine arts subjects and musical expression is a typical way of functioning and thinking for a child. Music has been proven to have an influence on the development of a childs’ personality and therefor it is necessary that various ways of musical expression are supported through musical education in early childhood education. The study has been carried out as a qualitative research, in which the material has been formed with an electronic questionnaire. The questionnaire was sent with an accompanying letter to 30 early childhood education centers in the city of Helsinki. The final sample consisted of the answers of 10 kindergarten teachers. The material was analyzed by using recurring themes and finding similarities and resemblances in the answers and studying the differences. According to the results, kindergarten teachers saw musical education as a significant support for the development of linguistics within children under the age of three. Musical education was also seen as creating the feeling of secureness for the child while basic needs were attended to like in toilet and clothing situations. Music was seen as a natural form of interaction with small children. Teachers experienced musical education in their training leading up to their job as a kindergarten teacher differently. The teachers saw for example their lack of skills in accompaniment and the scarce knowledge of musical theory as a challenge for accomplishing adequate musical education.
  • Sintonen, Sara (2020)
    Suomalaisen varhaiskasvatuksen perinne ulottuu yli sadan vuoden taakse. Varhaiskasvatuksen opettajuuden voidaan katsoa alkaneen kehittyä jo varhain, joskin vuosikymmenien ajan sitä kuvattiin ennemminkin hoivan kuin opetuksen termein. Vasta tällä vuosikymmenellä yliopistokoulutettuja alan ammattilaisia on alettu nimittää varhaiskasvatuksen opettajiksi. Tämä artikkeli liittyy Juho August Hollon kasvatusajattelun tarkasteluihin varhaiskasvatuksen näkökulmasta. Artikkelissa peilataan Hollon näkemyksiä varhaiskasvatukseen painottaen erityisesti varhaiskasvatuksen opettajuutta ja siihen sisältyvästä kasvattajuudesta huokuvaa hollolaista henkeä. Hollolaisella hengellä tarkoitetaan erityisesti kykyä nähdä kasvatuksellisesti, edustaa kuvitteluelämän virkeyttä sekä toimia mahdollistajana ja koskettajana. Luentaa rikastetaan tekstiin liitetyillä, kokeneen varhaiskasvatuksen opettajan Hollo-kaikuisilla näkemyksillä, joita nousi esiin kokeneen varhaiskasvatuksen opettajan kolmivaiheisessa haastattelussa. Aineiston tarkastelu osoittaa aikamme varhaiskasvatuksen opettajuuden heijastelevan monia Hollolle tyypillisiä arvoja ja lähtökohtia. Varhaiskasvatukselle ominainen kokonaisvaltaisuus luo opettajuudelle oman karaktäärinsä. Artikkelissa esitetään, kuinka J. A. Hollon kasvatusajattelu voi toimia varhaiskasvatuksen opettajuutta kannattelevana voimana kehystäen sen kokonaisvaltaisuutta, kun perustana pidetään kasvatuksellisuutta.
  • Silvennoinen, Evamaria (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    This research examined perceptions of the early childhood education (ECE) teachers on their views on literary education and their own role as literary educators. The research questions were: 1) How do the ECE teachers describe literary education in ECE? 2) How do the ECE teachers describe the importance of literary education in ECE? 3) What perceptions do teachers have on the role of the teacher as a literary educator in ECE? Literary education and children’s literature are observed on the sociocultural viewpoint. Seven ECE and preschool teachers from Helsinki participated in the research. The teachers worked either in ECE or in preschool. The research material consists of the semi-structured interviews of each teacher. The research is qualitative, and the method of the analysis was phenomenographical. In the phenomenographical method, the human perceptions on a particular phenomenon are in a focal point, without aiming to form “the only appropriate” image on the phenomenon´s true nature. The results of the study showed that the ECE teacher’s perceptions on literary education, both differed and coincided. They saw the literature education as an essential and significant part of ECE and were aware of its positive effects on a child’s development and learning. Furthermore, with literature education, the teachers hoped to even some differences caused by the children’s variable backgrounds. The activity’s purposefulness, execution, and perception on their own role varied among the teachers and giving literacy education was easier to teachers who consider their expertise high. On the other hand some teachers considered that the lack of motivation and unsatisfactory resources make teaching literacy education harder. Teachers´views are valuable from the perspective of evaluating and developing early childhood education.