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  • Khan, Mina (Helsingin yliopisto, 2021)
    Finnish students with an immigrant background get lower learning results compared to their native peers. According to previous research, home-school collaboration has a significant impact on students’ school performance. Therefore, this study is interested in the experiences foreign parents have with home-school collaboration, how home-school collaboration manifests in practice and what kind of suggestions do foreign parents have to improve the quality of home-school collaboration. Hornby’s (2000) model for parental involvement will act as the theoretical background for this study, as it illustrates what kind of needs and contributions parents have regarding collaboration with the school. This research was conducted as a multiple case study. The data was gathered through interviews with and was analysed by a deductive content analysis. A total of six parents took part in the study. Three parents spoke Farsi as their mother tongue, two spoke Bengali and one spoke Dari. The interviews were conducted in the parents’ mother tongue and when needed, an interpreter was present. The foreign parents’ experiences with home-school collaboration regarded how the school pays attention to the needs and wishes of the parents. In the positive experiences which the parents’ mentioned, the school had been able to take notice of the parents’ needs. However, in the negative experiences the school had ignored parental needs. The lack of attention to parental needs were also reflected in the parents’ suggestions for improving home-school collaboration, as they mentioned their wish for schools to take more into consideration the needs and wishes of parents. The results of this study make apparent how the school is unable to utilize the contributions of foreign parents’ contributions. Additionally, they do not attend to the needs of foreign parents. One way to improve home-school collaboration with foreign parents, is to utilize the resource of multilingual advisors as this way at least the language barrier between home and school would be removed.