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  • Heiskanen, Maria; Hellman, Matilda; Jaakkola, Tapio; Kinnunen, Jani; Levitski, Andres; Lerkkanen, Tuulia; Marionneau, Virve; Oksanen, Atte; Pajula, Mari; Salonen, Anne (Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö, 2020)
    Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriön raportteja ja muistioita
    This report discusses the control of harm caused by slot machines and slot machine games through the central elements in carrying the games into effect. Part I of the report consists of the assessment group’s conclusions on how the regulation of games should to be conducted and enhanced in order to mitigate harms. A central conclusion is that it is imperative in policy to take simultaneous account of the multiple relational dimensions seen to affect outcomes. Relational dimensions include 1) the characteristics of individual slot machine games, 2) game restrictions and opportunities for self-exclusion, as well as 3) the availability and accessibility of individual slot machines and games. Besides direct measures, 4) gambling availability brought about through advertising is also included in this composition. Part II of the report comprises an inquiry into slot machines and slot machine games from a harm perspective. It includes cases of how other countries have controlled gambling-related harm. Based on the previous research data compiled in the report, it is apparent that slot machines and automated games cause significant harms in both Finland and internationally alike. Among other aspects, the features of the games and game environments, the speed of successive game instances and especially the factors emphasizing the continuity of gaming have been associated with gambling related harms. The wide availability of games also appears to be an associated risk factor. Based on prior research, mandatory identification and the tracking of gaming data enables the use of effective gambling management tools, along with restrictions in availability of the games.