Confronting extractivism

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Ehrnström-Fuentes , M 2019 , ' Confronting extractivism : the role of local struggles in the (un)making of place ' , Critical Perspectives on International Business .

Title: Confronting extractivism;
the role of local struggles in the (un)making of place
Author: Ehrnström-Fuentes, Maria
Contributor: Hanken School of Economics, Management and Organisation, Vaasa
Belongs to series: Critical Perspectives on International Business
ISSN: 1742-2043
Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the politics involved in local struggles against forestry extractivism. The forestry sector is dependent on vast areas of land for tree plantations. This creates deep-rooted conflicts between global corporations that seek access to natural resources and locals whose way of life requires the use of the same land. Design/methodology/approach: This study draws on a political ontology frame of reference and storytelling methodology to build on testimonies of three small-scale farmers who actively seek to resist forestry plantations next to their land in rural Uruguay. The stories reveal the impossibilities they face when raising claims in the public political sphere and how they lack the means to organise strong collective resistance. Findings: One of the testimonies reveals how the farmers engage in a form of “politics of place” (Escobar, 2001, 2008) to counter the power of the proponents of forestry and the further expansion of plantations. This form of politics strengthens and politicises the ontological difference between extractive and non-extractive worlds. The farmers seek to build new imaginations of rural living and sustainable futures without the presence of extractive corporations. They fulfil this aim by designing community projects that aim to revitalise ancient indigenous legends, set up agro-ecological farms, and teach schoolchildren about the environment. Originality/value: The struggles of the farmers indicate the territorial transformations involved in (un)making (non)extractive places and the need to expand the analysis of the politics involved in struggles against extractivism beyond social struggles.
Date: 2019-08-23
Subject: 512 Business and Management
Forestry extractivism
Political ontology
Politics of place
Social movements
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