Neoliberalism in Everyday Governmentality: The Conduct of Rural Drinking Water and Rainwater Practices

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Title: Neoliberalism in Everyday Governmentality: The Conduct of Rural Drinking Water and Rainwater Practices
Author: Tesfaye, Yewondwossen
Contributor: Hanken School of Economics, Department of Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility
Belongs to series: Economics and society - 343 - Ekonomi och samhälle - 343
ISSN: 0424-7256 (printed)
2242-699X (PDF)
ISBN: 978-952-232-421-4 (printed)
978-952-232-422-1 PDF
Abstract: The primary objective of this thesis is to study the specific everyday aspects of the process of neoliberalization as observed through the object of water. Water as an object of representation means understanding its materiality within the totality of the political relations of knowledge systems that reproduce its materiality as rational. Approaching the process of neoliberalization through the object of water requires an in-depth look into the specific everyday practicalities and social relations of individuals/people (micropolitical) reproduced through water practices, together with the relation that this micropolitical has with the wider forms of neoliberal knowledge system or forms of politics (macropolitical aspects) reproduced and rearticulated through neoliberalism. By looking into three rural water practice cases, the thesis takes a closer look into specific forms of subjectivities and social relations that are constitutive of particular water practices, and the relation that this has with wider neoliberal forms of rationalities. In doing so, this thesis intends to enhance knowledge on how neoliberal political truths are naturalized and how their applications affect individuals and their social relationships. In order to produce a multidimensional analysis on the relation between the macropolitical and micro-practical, this thesis works within the analytics of governmentality and uses discourse analysis as a methodology. Knowledge building in neoliberal governmentality scholarship through a focus on the messy micro practicalities and social relations is the primary contribution of this thesis. With the focus on the micropracticalities, the thesis contributes to one of governmentality’s less researched areas (inattention to difference) as well as addresses some critical research gaps in authoritarian governmentality and authoritarian neoliberalism literatures.
Date: 2021-01-05
Subject: governmentality

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