Packaging Nurses: Mapping the Social Worlds of Transnational Human Resource Management

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Title: Packaging Nurses: Mapping the Social Worlds of Transnational Human Resource Management
Author: Cleland Silva, Tricia
Contributor: Hanken School of Economics, Department of Management and Organisation, Management and Organisation
Belongs to series: Economics and Society – 306
ISSN: 0424-7256 (printed)
2242-699X (PDF)
ISBN: 978-952-232-323-1 (printed)
978-952-232-324-8 (PDF)
Abstract: This monograph is a study on how, from 2007 to 2010, five groups of nurses from the Philippines were recruited and transnationally managed and organised to live and work in Finland for both private elderly care facilities and surgical wards in Finnish municipal hospitals. The thesis is critical of international human resource management (IHRM) as a discipline and practice, and discursively analyses structural and societal issues of control and compliance of the historically gendered and racialised occupation of nursing. Furthermore, the transnational processes and movement of human capital from the Philippines to Finland is discussed in terms of (re)producing managerial practices of nurse work which create barriers to equality in the workplace. The study identifies and maps the interaction of various private and public representatives through the transnational practices of recruitment and placement of Filipino nurses into Finnish nursing institutions. Through the identification of the Finnish representatives and the subsequent construction of their associated social worlds based on work practices and commitments, the maps illustrate the organising of human resources transnationally. Subsequently, structural mechanisms, particularly in terms of institutional, national, and international policy and law regulations, are addressed by highlighting transnational human resource management (THRM) practices and discursive positions dominated by public and private representatives in the packaging of the nurses. As a whole, the study strives to broaden the theoretical and empirical examination of migrating nurses to encompass the transnational management of private and public representatives involved in the recruitment and placement practices at institutionalised, meso-levels of organising.
Date: 2016-11-14
Subject: transnational human resource management
producer-based care networks
social worlds
discourse analysis
situational analysis
nurse work
transnationalisation of care
the Philippines

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