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  • Unknown author (2010)
    Helsingin yliopiston hallinnon julkaisuja 71; Raportit ja selvitykset
  • Eerika Löfström (Helsingin yliopisto, 2006)
    Helsingin yliopiston hallinnon julkaisuja 33; Raportit ja selvitykset
  • Pesola, Hanna (Helsinki Center of Economic Research, 2009)
    Discussion Paper No 251
  • Sinko, Pekka (Helsinki Center of Economic Research, 2005)
    Discussion Paper No 68
  • Lehmijoki, Ulla; Palokangas, Tapio (2013)
    Economics Discussion Paper 651
  • Lehmijoki, Ulla; Palokangas, Tapio (University of Helsinki, Discipline of Economics, 2013)
    University of Helsinki, Discipline of Economics, Discussion Paper No. 651
  • Vuolteenaho, Jani; Ameel, Lieven; Newby, Andrew; Scott, Maggie (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, 2012)
    COLLeGIUM: Studies across Disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences 13
    Seeking to locate the case studies of Language, Space and Power: Urban Entanglements in the context of recent academic history, this introductory article explores the manifestations and legacies of the so-called linguistic and spatial turns in urban research. With regard to the linguistic turn, we first illustrate approaches characteristic of structuralism-inspired urban semiotics and postructuralism-affected discussions of the postmodern urban condition. In these research fronts, that were extremely fashionable in the late twentieth century, language was adopted as a pivotal metaphorical model to conceptualise the power-embeddedness of urban spaces, processes and identities. More recently, however, the ramifications of the linguistic turn across urban research have proliferated as a result of approaches in which specific place-bound language practices and language-based representations about cities have been scrutinised. Sharing an understanding of the linguistic realm as a category that is analytically distinct from the social and material realms, we identify methodological orientations (from discourse analytic to speech act theoretical frameworks), social scientific theories (from Laclau to Lefebvre) and thematic interests (from place naming to interactional uses of spoken language) that have been significant channels in re-directing urban scholars’ attention to the concrete workings of language. As regards the spatial turn, we highlight the relevance of the connectivity-, territoriality-, attachment- and entanglement-focused conceptualisations of space for the study of language-related power issues in urban settings. Finally, we introduce the volume’s empirical articles.
  • Törrönen, Maritta (Helsinki University Press, 2003)
    Tutkimuksessani analysoin lasten arkea ja pohdin ajan, tilan ja toiminnan merkityksiä. Aikaa, tilaa ja toimintaa kuvaavana yläkäsitteenä käytän elämistilan käsitettä. Tutkin lasten toimintaa ja tutkimustilanteet olen ymmärtänyt tulkinnallisina ja kontekstuaalisina vuorovaikutustilanteina. Lähtökohtiani ovat etnometodologisen ja etnografisen tutkimuksen periaatteet, joita olen soveltanut työni kannalta tarkoituksenmukaisesti. Etnometodologia viittaa arkitiedon tutkimukseen ja niiden menettelytapojen sekä ajatuskulkujen selvittämiseen, joilla yhteiskunnan jäsenet ymmärtävät elinolojaan, toimivat niissä ja vaikuttavat niihin
  • Mattila, J. (Helsingin yliopisto, taloustieteen laitos, 2006)
  • Kraenker, Sabine; Veivo, Harri (Tutkijakollegium, 2009)
    COLLeGIUM: Studies Across Disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 5: Writing in Context: French Literature, Theory and the Avant Gardes / L'écriture en contexte : littérature, théorie et avant-gardes françaises au XXe siècle
  • McCorristine, Shane (Tutkijakollegium, 2009)
    COLLeGIUM: Studies Across Disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 5: Writing in Context: French Literature, Theory and the Avant Gardes / L'écriture en contexte : littérature, théorie et avant-gardes françaises au XXe siècle
  • Unknown author (Helsingin yliopisto, 2009)
    University of Helsinki. Administrative Publications 58; Evaluations
  • Murto, Pauli; Välimäki, Juuso (Helsinki Center of Economic Research, 2008)
    Discussion Paper No 235
  • Mason, Robin; Välimäki, Juuso (Helsinki Center of Economic Research, 2007)
    Discussion Paper No 200
  • Kumpulainen, Kristiina; Krokfors, Leena; Lipponen, Lasse; Tissari, Varpu; Hilppö, Jaakko; Rajala, Antti (2009)
  • Krokfors, Leena; Kangas, Marjaana; Kopisto, Kaisa; Rikabi-Sukkari, Leila; Salo, Laura; Vesterinen, Olli (University of Helsinki, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, 2015)
  • Murto, Pauli; Välimäki, Juuso (Helsinki Center of Economic Research, 2006)
    Discussion Paper No 110
  • Guse, Eran A. (University of Helsinki, )
  • Huizhen, Yu (2010)
    Department of Computer Science Series of Publications C Report C-2010-39
    We consider approximate policy evaluation for finite state and action Markov decision processes (MDP) with the least squares temporal difference algorithm, LSTD(λ), in an explorationenhanced off-policy learning context. We establish for the discounted cost criterion that the off-policy LSTD(λ) converges almost surely under mild, minimal conditions. We also analyze other convergence and boundedness properties of the iterates involved in the algorithm. Our analysis draws on theories of both finite space Markov chains and weak Feller Markov chains on topological spaces. Our results can be applied to other temporal difference algorithms and MDP models. As examples, we give a convergence analysis of an off-policy TD(λ) algorithm and extensions to MDP with compact action and state spaces.