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  • Husband, Charles; Alam, Yunis (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, 2012)
    This paper examines the significance of the construction of a Mughal garden within a nineteenth-century civic park in the northern English city of Bradford. We explore the semiotic environment of the streetscape in the surrounding inner city area of Manningham in which Lister Park is located. The framing discourse surrounding Manningham has defined it as a multiethnic area with a reputation of suffering from inner-city decline and ethnic tension. This context is significant for any reading of the streetscape within this area. It is argued that the signage, street furniture and local inhabitants / residents give this area a strong sense of its predominantly Pakistani heritage population. At the same time, the architecture in this area reflects both the nineteenth-century heritage of industry and Christianity into which more recently there have arrived visible aspects of Muslim culture and lifestyle. It is into this territorial context that the local council placed a contemporary representation of a traditional Mughal garden. The article explores the background of this process and examines the cultural symbolism and value of this garden for its varied users.
  • Alam, Yunis; Husband, Charles (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, 2012)