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Acta Forestalia Fennica


Acta Forestalia Fennica, was amalgamated into its sister series Silva Fennica in 1999. The last number published was 263.

A peer-reviewed series founded in 1913, Acta was among the first to publish original scientific papers in Finland. It has been operative without interruption ever since foundation. By amalgamating the two series, the publishers seek to better serve authors, readers and subscribers, aiming at wider coverage and an easier access to a broader spectrum of papers.

Acta Forestalia Fennica was a peer-reviewed international series of monographs in forest science which covered all aspects of forest research. The series was open to all authors.

The Papers in Acta Forestalia Fennica were printed in English, German, or Finnish. If a paper was in Finnish or Swedish, it is summarized in English or in German; it is essential that a 'summary' or 'Referat' does not mean an additional text only. The main text contains figures, maps, tables and statistics which have subtitles in the language of the summary. Often a summary is rather long and amount, on average, to ten per cent of the total text. Its format was changed in 1968 to include only one paper per issue. Until then, papers were first published separately and only later, bound into the numbered issues.

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