Meillä menee lujaa: tutkimus nuorista rikoksentekijöistä eräässä pääkaupunkiseudun lähiössä

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Title: Meillä menee lujaa: tutkimus nuorista rikoksentekijöistä eräässä pääkaupunkiseudun lähiössä
Author: Saarnio, Tuula
Other contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Policy
Helsingin yliopisto, Valtiotieteellinen tiedekunta, Yhteiskuntapolitiikan laitos
Helsingfors universitet, Statsvetenskapliga fakulteten, Samhällspolitiska institutionen
Date: 2003-12-12
Language: en
Thesis level: Licentiate thesis
Discipline: Social Work
Socialt arbete
Abstract: This study describes youth delinquency and researches related to the subject. Criminality is generally seen as a biological, psychological or social phenomenon. The essential theories or points of view attempting to explain and/or understand the criminal acts of young people are in sociological research stigmatisation theory, subculture theory, social learning theories, anomy theory and control theory. In psychological research the most common reflection angles are behaviour of human being and different individual traits such as self-control, aggressiveness or extroversion. The aim of my study is to research experiences and conceptions of young people, who has committed crime and participated in other forbidden activities. Special attention has heen paid to their experiences and thoughts about crime, living in the gang, human relationships, values and plans for the future. The target group for the study are twelve young criminals, who were 16 to 19 years old when they were interviewed. The research method was theme interview. the rest of the research material consists among others of preliminary police hearing reports, documents including basic data of young people, observations of the researcher, documents of social office and sentences of the young people. The method of analysis has been content analysis. Most of the crines were related to cars, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Some of the young criminals had also committed crime such as fraud and assault. The boys had more free time than young people usually have, because they did not like the school. School was considered as a boring place. The most important persons in the youth's life were their pals. The relation to the parents were quite chilly. The boys did not condemn criminality, only severe crimes (murder) were not accepted. The future prospects were quite optimistic, although only a few of the boys had any plans for the future. The most significant matters in this research have been experience of success, no regret and no realistic future prospects.
Description: Endast sammandrag. Inbundna avhandlingar kan sökas i Helka-databasen ( Elektroniska kopior av avhandlingar finns antingen öppet på nätet eller endast tillgängliga i bibliotekets avhandlingsterminaler.Only abstract. Paper copies of master’s theses are listed in the Helka database ( Electronic copies of master’s theses are either available as open access or only on thesis terminals in the Helsinki University Library.Vain tiivistelmä. Sidottujen gradujen saatavuuden voit tarkistaa Helka-tietokannasta ( Digitaaliset gradut voivat olla luettavissa avoimesti verkossa tai rajoitetusti kirjaston opinnäytekioskeilla.
Subject: youth
aggressive behaviour

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