Value of household production in Finland and Germany - Analysis and recalculation of the household satellite account system in both countries

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Title: Value of household production in Finland and Germany - Analysis and recalculation of the household satellite account system in both countries
Author: Rüger, Yvonne; Varjonen, Johanna
Publisher: National Consumer Research Centre
Date: 2008
Language: en
Number of pages: 72 p.
Belongs to series: National Consumer Research Centre. Working papers 112
ISBN: 978-951-698-175-1 (PDF)
Abstract: Within this work the value of household production in Finland and Germany is analysed. The figures on household production of Finland and Germany provided by the particular Household Satellite Account Systems indicate a higher value of household production for Finland. The total output of household production amounts to 15 705 per capita. The German value ranges below the Finnish figure and amounts to only 13 438 per capita. Though, the analysis of the particular satellite account systems revealed differences in the underlying valuation concepts in both countries. The indicated values in the Household Satellite Accounts of Finland and Germany are consequently incommensurable. Within a recalculation of the values of household production, comparable results of both countries are generated. For this purpose a new and consistent valuation concept is defined. The defined concept thereby facilitates the presentation of household production in relation to market production. The resulting values of the recalculation present a conversely ratio of the Finnish and German value on household production compared to the original results. After the alignment of the calculation methods in the recalculation, Germany features the higher value of household production. Its value increased within the valuation process and ranges above the Finnish value. The recalculated total output in Germany accounts for 15 694 per capita. The Finnish value by contrast decreased and amounts to only 14 633 per capita. Hence, the modifications, introduced to the valuation concept in terms of the calculation of comparable results, caused changes in the values of household production in Finland and Germany. When household production is related to market production the values of Finland and Germany approximates. The so-called extended GDP, which comprises market and household production, is almost equal in Finland and Germany. This signifies a resembling value of productive capacity. However, the shares of household and market production in the entire production diverge. Germany features a higher share of household production and a lower share of market production. Finland, by contrast, offers the complementary ratio. It posses a higher value of market production and a smaller share of household production. This work proves the great impact of calculation methods on the resulting values of household production and verifies the benefits of an international consistent valuation.
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