Data- and Value-Driven Software Engineering with Deep Customer Insight : Proceedings of the Seminar No. 58314308

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Münch , J (ed.) 2014 , Data- and Value-Driven Software Engineering with Deep Customer Insight : Proceedings of the Seminar No. 58314308 . University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science .

Title: Data- and Value-Driven Software Engineering with Deep Customer Insight : Proceedings of the Seminar No. 58314308
Other contributor: Münch, Jürgen
Contributor organization: Department of Computer Science
Empirical Software Engineering research group
Publisher: University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science
Date: 2014
Language: eng
Number of pages: 49
Abstract: There is a need in many software-based companies to evolve their software development practices towards continuous integration and continuous deployment. This allows a company to frequently and rapidly integrate and deploy their work and in consequence also opens opportunities for getting feedback from customers on a regular basis. Ideally, this feedback is used to support design decisions early in the development process, e.g., to determine which features should be maintained over time and which features should be skipped. In more general terms, the entire R&D system of an organization should be in a state where it is able to respond and act quickly based in instant customer feedback and where actual deployment of software functionality is seen as a way of fast experimenting and testing what the customer needs. Experimentation refers here to fast validation of a business model or more specifically validating a value hypothesis. Reaching such a state of continuous experimentation implies a lot of challenges for organizations. Selected challenges are how to develop the "right" software while developing software "right", how to have an appropriate tool infrastructure in place, how to measure and evaluate customer value, what are appropriate feedback systems, how to improve the velocity of software development, how to increase the business hit rate with new products and features, how to integrate such experiments into the development process, how to link knowledge about value for users or customers to higher-level goals of an organization. These challenges are quite new for many software-based organizations and not sufficiently understood from a software engineering perspective. These proceedings contain selected seminar papers of the student seminar Data- and Value-Driven Software Engineering with Deep Customer Insight that was held at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki. The seminar was held during the fall semester of 2014 from September 1st to December 8th. Papers in the seminar cover a wide range of topics related to the creation of value in software engineering. An interview of startups shows that emerging companies face a number of key decision points that shape their future. Value has a different meaning in different contexts. Embedded devices can be used to gather data and provide more value to the users through analysis and adaptation to circumstances. In entertainment, metrics can provide content creators the chance to react to user behavior and provide a more meaningful user experience. Value creation needs an active approach to software development from the companies: software engineering processes need to be incorporated with proper mechanisms to find the correct stakeholders, elicit requirements that provide the highest value and successfully implement the necessary changes with short development cycles. When the right building blocks are in place, companies are able to quickly deliver new software and leverage data from their products and services to continuously improve the perceived value of software.
Subject: 113 Computer and information sciences
value creation
Internet of Things
agile development
goal-oriented requirements
impact mapping
user stories
stakeholder analysis
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