Germanskt *watôr ’vatten’, namnet Vättern och fornsvenskt *vætur

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Schalin , J 2010 , ' Germanskt *watôr ’vatten’, namnet Vättern och fornsvenskt *vætur ' , Arkiv för Nordisk Filologi , nr. 125 , s. 5-50 .

Julkaisun nimi: Germanskt *watôr ’vatten’, namnet Vättern och fornsvenskt *vætur
Tekijä: Schalin, Johan
Tekijän organisaatio: Finskugriska och nordiska avdelningen
Päiväys: 2010
Kieli: swe
Sivumäärä: 46
Kuuluu julkaisusarjaan: Arkiv för Nordisk Filologi
ISSN: 0066-7668
Tiivistelmä: Based on the name of the lake Vättern (Wetur 1222-1230, Uætor 1231-1240, Wætir 1303 etc.) and other hydronyms in central Sweden, as well as the name of a parish Væterløsa, an appellative *vætur is reconstructed for Old Swedish. According to an ono-mastic tradition prevalent in Sweden, this word is best understood as a later representative of IE *ued-ôr (coll. nom./acc. of the heteroclitic r/n-stem meaning ’water’). This hypothesis is shown to be untenable. The vowel of the suffix in *vætur may not be accounted for without ad hoc assumptions unexpected among Norse sound laws for final syllables. Even more critically, evidence for the postulated full grade, putatively Phrygic and Hittite, is elusive. Indeed, a form *uódôr, reconstructable for the dialectal IE precursor of Proto-Germanic and Balto-Slavic, should have occupied the very slot in the paradigm invoked to explain the word *vætur, notably the nom./acc. collective. The article examines alternative etymologies. An inventory is made of conditioning fac-tors that could account for a possible, but unlikely, raising of a suffix vowel *-ô-. The pos-sibilities of a derivation from the r/n-stem in question, from a verbal root or from a root noun are also studied. In conclusion the word is proposed to continue the remains of a Proto-Norse r-stem declination, cognate to West Germanic *watar, and lost to Norse when a singular form, back-formed from the plural weak stem *vatna-, was generalized.
Avainsanat: 6121 Språkvetenskaper
Vättern, *uedôr , *watôr, *vætur, swestar, Proto-Norse, Auslautgesetze, hydronyms, heteroclitic stems
Vertaisarvioitu: Kyllä
Pääsyrajoitteet: openAccess
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