Taxonomic corrections and new records in vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan, 4

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Lazkov , G & Sennikov , A N 2015 , ' Taxonomic corrections and new records in vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan, 4 ' , Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica , vol. 91 , pp. 67-83 .

Title: Taxonomic corrections and new records in vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan, 4
Author: Lazkov, Georgy; Sennikov, Alexander Nikolaevich
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Finnish Museum of Natural History
Date: 2015-12-23
Language: eng
Number of pages: 17
Belongs to series: Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica
ISSN: 0373-6873
Abstract: A new series of notes on distribution, taxonomy, morphology and nomenclature of some vascular plants in Kyrgyzstan is presented. Carex subphysodes Popov ex V.Krecz., Astragalus sogdianus Bunge, Oxytropis ferganensis Vass. and Iris maracandica (Vved.) Wendelbo (all native), and also Delphinium orientalis J.Gay (alien) are reported as new to Kyrgyzstan. Sedum tetramerum Trautv. is new to Northern Tian-Shan, and Scirpoides holoschoenus (L.) Soják is new to Chatkal Range and Western Tian-Shan within Kyrgyzstan. The distribution area of Torilis arvensis (Huds.) Link is revised and expanded, and the distribution of Eremurus zoae Vved. (endemic to Kyrgyzstan) is verified and mapped. New names and combinations, Betonica sect. Foliosae (Krestovsk. & Lazkov) Lazkov, Eriophyton anomalum (Juz.) Lazkov & Sennikov, Kudrjaschevia sect. Jacubianae Lazkov, Lagochilus sect. Chlainanthus (Briq.) Lazkov, Leonurus sect. Panzerioidei (Krestovsk.) Lazkov, Phlomoides sect. Pseuderemostachys (Popov) Lazkov, and Scutellaria sect. Ramosissimae Lazkov, are provided as a result of the forthcoming monographic revision of Lamiaceae. Two hybrids are described in Eremurus, E. fuscus × E. cristatus = E. nikitinae Lazkov and E. cristatus × E. zoae = E. gypsaceus Lazkov. Places of valid publication and the authorship of Iris svetlanae (Vved.) T.Hall & Seisums and Erianthera anomala Juz. are corrected. Iris svetlanae is synonymized with I. maracandica. A new colour form (with pinkish flowers) of Betonica betoniciflora (Rupr. ex O.Fedtsch. & B.Fedtsch.) Sennikov is described. English-language designations are provided for the map of biogeographic provinces of Kyrgyzstan.
Subject: 1183 Plant biology, microbiology, virology

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