Heavier smoking may lead to a relative increase in waist circumference : evidence for causal relationship from a Mendelian iandomisation meta-analysis. The CARTA consortium

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dc.contributor.author Morris, Richard W.
dc.contributor.author Taylor, Amy E.
dc.contributor.author Fluharty, Meg E.
dc.contributor.author Bjorngaard, Johan H.
dc.contributor.author Asvold, Bjorn Olav
dc.contributor.author Gabrielsen, Maiken Elvestad
dc.contributor.author Campbell, Archie
dc.contributor.author Marioni, Riccardo
dc.contributor.author Kumari, Meena
dc.contributor.author Korhonen, Tellervo
dc.contributor.author Mannisto, Satu
dc.contributor.author Marques-Vidal, Pedro
dc.contributor.author Kaakinen, Marika
dc.contributor.author Cavadino, Alana
dc.contributor.author Postmus, Iris
dc.contributor.author Husemoen, Lise Lotte N.
dc.contributor.author Skaaby, Tea
dc.contributor.author Ahluwalia, Tarun Veer Singh
dc.contributor.author Treur, Jorien L.
dc.contributor.author Willemsen, Gonneke
dc.contributor.author Dale, Caroline
dc.contributor.author Wannamethee, S. Goya
dc.contributor.author Lahti, Jari
dc.contributor.author Palotie, Aarno
dc.contributor.author Räikkönen, Katri
dc.contributor.author McConnachie, Alex
dc.contributor.author Padmanabhan, Sandosh
dc.contributor.author Wong, Andrew
dc.contributor.author Dalgard, Christine
dc.contributor.author Paternoster, Lavinia
dc.contributor.author Ben-Shlomo, Yoav
dc.contributor.author Tyrrell, Jessica
dc.contributor.author Horwood, John
dc.contributor.author Fergusson, David M.
dc.contributor.author Kennedy, Martin A.
dc.contributor.author Nohr, Ellen A.
dc.contributor.author Christiansen, Lene
dc.contributor.author Kyvik, Kirsten Ohm
dc.contributor.author Kuh, Diana
dc.contributor.author Watt, Graham
dc.contributor.author Eriksson, Johan G.
dc.contributor.author Whincup, Peter H.
dc.contributor.author Vink, Jacqueline M.
dc.contributor.author Boomsma, Dorret I.
dc.contributor.author Smith, George Davey
dc.contributor.author Lawlor, Debbie
dc.contributor.author Linneberg, Allan
dc.contributor.author Ford, Ian
dc.contributor.author Jukema, J. Wouter
dc.contributor.author Power, Chris
dc.contributor.author Hypponen, Elina
dc.contributor.author Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta
dc.contributor.author Preisig, Martin
dc.contributor.author Borodulin, Katja
dc.contributor.author Kaprio, Jaakko
dc.contributor.author Kivimaki, Mika
dc.contributor.author Smith, Blair H.
dc.contributor.author Hayward, Caroline
dc.contributor.author Romundstad, Pal R.
dc.contributor.author Sorensen, Thorkild I. A.
dc.contributor.author Munafo, Marcus R.
dc.contributor.author Sattar, Naveed
dc.date.accessioned 2016-05-12T06:44:02Z
dc.date.available 2016-05-12T06:44:02Z
dc.date.issued 2015
dc.identifier.citation Morris , R W , Taylor , A E , Fluharty , M E , Bjorngaard , J H , Asvold , B O , Gabrielsen , M E , Campbell , A , Marioni , R , Kumari , M , Korhonen , T , Mannisto , S , Marques-Vidal , P , Kaakinen , M , Cavadino , A , Postmus , I , Husemoen , L L N , Skaaby , T , Ahluwalia , T V S , Treur , J L , Willemsen , G , Dale , C , Wannamethee , S G , Lahti , J , Palotie , A , Räikkönen , K , McConnachie , A , Padmanabhan , S , Wong , A , Dalgard , C , Paternoster , L , Ben-Shlomo , Y , Tyrrell , J , Horwood , J , Fergusson , D M , Kennedy , M A , Nohr , E A , Christiansen , L , Kyvik , K O , Kuh , D , Watt , G , Eriksson , J G , Whincup , P H , Vink , J M , Boomsma , D I , Smith , G D , Lawlor , D , Linneberg , A , Ford , I , Jukema , J W , Power , C , Hypponen , E , Jarvelin , M-R , Preisig , M , Borodulin , K , Kaprio , J , Kivimaki , M , Smith , B H , Hayward , C , Romundstad , P R , Sorensen , T I A , Munafo , M R & Sattar , N 2015 , ' Heavier smoking may lead to a relative increase in waist circumference : evidence for causal relationship from a Mendelian iandomisation meta-analysis. The CARTA consortium ' , BMJ Open , vol. 5 , no. 8 , 008808 . https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008808
dc.identifier.other PURE: 56528371
dc.identifier.other PURE UUID: fa9fa7fc-096c-4bcc-a281-55021ee8b52d
dc.identifier.other WOS: 000363479100074
dc.identifier.other Scopus: 84941568577
dc.identifier.other ORCID: /0000-0002-4310-5297/work/28593957
dc.identifier.other ORCID: /0000-0003-3124-3470/work/29921573
dc.identifier.other ORCID: /0000-0002-2527-5874/work/97266581
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10138/161891
dc.description.abstract Objectives: To investigate, using a Mendelian randomisation approach, whether heavier smoking is associated with a range of regional adiposity phenotypes, in particular those related to abdominal adiposity. Design: Mendelian randomisation meta-analyses using a genetic variant (rs16969968/rs1051730 in the CHRNA5-CHRNA3-CHRNB4 gene region) as a proxy for smoking heaviness, of the associations of smoking heaviness with a range of adiposity phenotypes. Participants: 148 731 current, former and neversmokers of European ancestry aged >= 16 years from 29 studies in the consortium for Causal Analysis Research in Tobacco and Alcohol (CARTA). Primary outcome measures: Waist and hip circumferences, and waist-hip ratio. Results: The data included up to 66 809 never-smokers, 43 009 former smokers and 38 913 current daily cigarette smokers. Among current smokers, for each extra minor allele, the geometric mean was lower for waist circumference by -0.40% (95% Cl -0.57% to - 0.22%), with effects on hip circumference, waist-hip ratio and body mass index (BMI) being -0.31% (95% Cl - 0.42% to -0.19), -0.08% (-0.19% to 0.03%) and - 0.74% (-0.96% to -0.51%), respectively. In contrast, among never-smokers, these effects were higher by 0.23% (0.09% to 0.36%), 0.17% (0.08% to 0.26%), 0.07% (-0.01% to 0.15%) and 0.35% (0.18% to 0.52%), respectively. When adjusting the three central adiposity measures for BMI, the effects among current smokers changed direction and were higher by 0.14% (0.05% to 0.22%) for waist circumference, 0.02% (-0.05% to 0.08%) for hip circumference and 0.10% (0.02% to 0.19%) for waist-hip ratio, for each extra minor allele. Conclusions: For a given BMI, a gene variant associated with increased cigarette consumption was associated with increased waist circumference. Smoking in an effort to control weight may lead to accumulation of central adiposity. en
dc.format.extent 10
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartof BMJ Open
dc.rights cc_by_nc
dc.rights.uri info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
dc.subject BODY-MASS INDEX
dc.subject RISK-FACTORS
dc.subject MORTALITY
dc.subject ASSOCIATION
dc.subject ADIPOSITY
dc.subject WOMEN
dc.subject MEN
dc.subject 3142 Public health care science, environmental and occupational health
dc.title Heavier smoking may lead to a relative increase in waist circumference : evidence for causal relationship from a Mendelian iandomisation meta-analysis. The CARTA consortium en
dc.type Article
dc.contributor.organization Clinicum
dc.contributor.organization Tellervo Korhonen / Principal Investigator
dc.contributor.organization Department of Public Health
dc.contributor.organization Behavioural Sciences
dc.contributor.organization Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
dc.contributor.organization Aarno Palotie / Principal Investigator
dc.contributor.organization Johan Eriksson / Principal Investigator
dc.contributor.organization Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care
dc.contributor.organization Jaakko Kaprio / Principal Investigator
dc.contributor.organization Developmental Psychology Research Group
dc.contributor.organization Genomics of Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Disorders
dc.contributor.organization Genetic Epidemiology
dc.description.reviewstatus Peer reviewed
dc.relation.doi https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008808
dc.relation.issn 2044-6055
dc.rights.accesslevel openAccess
dc.type.version publishedVersion

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