Microsphere-based antibody assays for human parvovirus B19V, CMV and T. gondii

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Wang , Y , Hedman , L , Perdomo , M F , Elfaitouri , A , Bolin-Wiener , A , Kumar , A , Lappalainen , M , Soderlund-Venermo , M , Blomberg , J & Hedman , K 2016 , ' Microsphere-based antibody assays for human parvovirus B19V, CMV and T. gondii ' , BMC Infectious Diseases , vol. 16 , 8 . https://doi.org/10.1186/s12879-015-1194-3

Titel: Microsphere-based antibody assays for human parvovirus B19V, CMV and T. gondii
Författare: Wang, Yilin; Hedman, Lea; Perdomo, Maria F.; Elfaitouri, Amal; Bolin-Wiener, Agnes; Kumar, Arun; Lappalainen, Maija; Soderlund-Venermo, Maria; Blomberg, Jonas; Hedman, Klaus
Upphovmannens organisation: Klaus Hedman / Principal Investigator
Department of Virology
Human Parvoviruses: Epidemiology, Molecular Biology and Clinical Impact
Virus infections and immunity
Datum: 2016-01-08
Språk: eng
Sidantal: 6
Tillhör serie: BMC Infectious Diseases
ISSN: 1471-2334
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12879-015-1194-3
Permanenta länken (URI): http://hdl.handle.net/10138/164099
Abstrakt: Background: Human parvovirus B19 (B19V), cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii) may cause intrauterine infections with potentially severe consequences to the fetus. Current serodiagnosis of these infections is based on detection of antibodies most often by EIA and individually for each pathogen. We developed singleplex and multiplex microsphere-based Suspension Immuno Assays (SIAs) for the simultaneous detection of IgG antibodies against B19V, CMV and T. gondii. Methods: We tested the performances of SIAs as compared to in-house and commercial reference assays using serum samples from well-characterized cohorts. Results: The IgG SIAs for CMV and T. gondii showed good concordance with the corresponding Vidas serodiagnostics. The B19V IgG SIA detected IgG in all samples collected >10 days after onset of symptoms and showed high concordance with EIAs (in-house and Biotrin). The serodiagnostics for these three pathogens performed well in multiplex format. Conclusions: We developed singleplex and multiplex IgG SIAs for the detection of anti-B19V,-CMV and -T. gondii antibodies. The SIAs were highly sensitive and specific, and had a wide dynamic range. These components thus should be suitable for construction of a multiplex test for antibody screening during pregnancy.
Subject: Microsphere-based suspension immuno assay
Singleplex and multiplex
T. gondii
3111 Biomedicine
Referentgranskad: Ja
Licens: cc_by
Användningsbegränsning: openAccess
Parallelpublicerad version: publishedVersion

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